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How to arrange car transport with import?

When you are going to import a car, you can take care of the transportation in several ways.

Can I drive the car myself?

You can choose to transport the car while it is in motion. It is then important that you have a valid third-party insurance for the car. Most insurance companies do not allow you to take out third-party insurance for a car with a foreign registration number.

Car ambulance transportation?

You can also choose to have your car transported by a transporter with a car ambulance. This way you do not have to take out third-party insurance and you do not have to drive yourself.

Transportation by sea available?

Cars imported from America, for example, can be transported to the Netherlands in sea containers. There are various options for this type of transport. You can choose for one car in one container, but you can also choose to share one container with several cars. That saves on costs.

Transportation by plane is that possible?

The fastest way to transport a car is by air freight. This way, your car is quickly in the Netherlands. However, the costs are a lot higher.

Alpina unfortunately does not have options for insuring this risk at this time.
There are several companies specializing in car transport. We have listed some of them below:

SCL Rotterdam



Car transportation and insurance how about that?

Your car must also be insured during transport. Therefore, it is important to always check your car insurance in advance. How you arrange your insurance during transport of the car depends on the way you transport it. If you drive the car yourself, you must also arrange for a valid third-party car insurance. However, most insurers in the Netherlands do not allow you to take out car insurance for a foreign number plate. If you import a car from abroad, it must first be inspected by the RDW before it can be given a Dutch number plate. You can then apply for a one-day licence plate and take out one-day licence plate insurance. Are you having the car transported by a transporter? Then the car is often already insured and you do not have to make any arrangements yourself.

Car transport: renting a ramp

You can also hire a ramp truck to transport your car. A ramp truck is a special van with an open trailer. A ramp truck often has an electric winch, which you can operate with a remote control or from the driver's cabin. In most cases, you need driving licence B + E. There are, however, also cherry pickers that require driving licence C. Do you only have driving licence B? Then you can often rent a car transporter. These kind of trailers are lighter, so you can't transport too big or heavy cars. Always ask the rental company of your choice. They can inform you about this.

Car transport Spain is that possible?

There are several reasons to import a car from Spain. Maybe you have lived in Spain for a while and are now returning to the Netherlands, but you don't want to leave your car behind. In that case you can choose to transport your car to the Netherlands. It is possible to pick up the car yourself in Spain, but that is quite a long drive. Especially if the car is in the south of Spain. You will have to pay a lot of fuel and accommodation costs.

Car transport Italy is that possible?

Do you have a beautiful car in Italy in mind, which you cannot get in the Netherlands? Then you can choose to transport the car to the Netherlands yourself. If you decide to transport the car yourself, there are a number of costs you need to take into account. There are of course the fuel and toll costs. If you drive through Switzerland or Austria, you will also need a vignette for the car. Then there are the costs for one or more nights. After all, Italy is quite a distance from the Netherlands. Finally, you must take into account the time it will take you. You cannot go there and back in a day.

Car transport Germany is that possible?

Many cars are more affordable in Germany than in the Netherlands. This is partly because many cars are produced there. As a result, more and more cars are being imported from Germany. Germany, of course, is located next to the Netherlands, so the distance you have to travel is not that far. For example, you can choose to take public transportation to Germany and then drive yourself back to the Netherlands. Or perhaps a family member or friend can go with you. Of course, there are also plenty of transporters who will be happy to get the car out of Germany for you.

Car transport costs how about that?

The cost of transporting a car depends on the method of transportation you choose. If you choose to have your car transported by a transporter, obviously different costs are involved than if you drive yourself. A transporter often looks at the following things when determining the price:

  • The distance the car has to travel
  • Whether the car is easily accessible by truck or car ambulance
  • Whether it is one car or several cars
  • When the transport must take place

You can request a quote from your chosen transporter. Depending on the above, some companies can transport a car from as little as €90.

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