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Where can I park a suspended car?

If your car's license plate is suspended, there are a number of things you need to consider. Obviously, you are no longer allowed to drive the car on public roads. Also, the car may not be parked along the public road. That means you have to park the car on your own property or in an enclosed parking garage. A public parking garage also counts as a public road and is therefore not an option. Do you park a suspended car on public roads anyway? Then you risk a hefty fine.

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parking a suspended car

Suspended car parking on own premises

Once the car is suspended, it may no longer be on public roads. This includes being parked on or along a public road. Public roads include paths, roadsides, sides of roads and publicly accessible parking lots and parking garages. You may park a suspended car only on your own property, or private property. Private land is your own land and therefore not accessible to others. Don't you have private property at your home? Then you can also park the car in an enclosed parking garage, such as a rented garage box. You may only drive on public roads with a suspended car on your way to an inspection appointment. This is because your car must have a valid MOT at the time the suspension expires or is terminated by you.

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What is the fine for parking a suspended car?

Is your car suspended and you still drive or stand with it on public roads? This can have unpleasant consequences. You risk a hefty fine of about €400. On top of this fine, you may also be charged additional road tax by the tax authorities. Together, these amounts can add up. So never drive a suspended car on public roads, but leave it on your own property during the suspension period.

When can I park on public roads again?

You may park your car in a public place again as soon as the suspension period has ended or has been lifted. When you suspend your car, you choose a suspension period of 1, 2 or 3 years. After this period the suspension expires automatically. You can also choose to lift the suspension early. You can do this online on the RDW website or at a ticket office. After lifting the suspension, however, you must immediately resume all vehicle obligations, such as MOT requirements, paying motor vehicle taxes and insuring the car. If you end the suspension before the end of the suspension period, you will not receive a refund.

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