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Where can I order a claim form?

You always get a claim form when you purchase car insurance. Your car insurance company will send you the claim form along with the insurance policy. You can then keep this claim form in your car, so that you always have it to hand in case of car damage. If you are damaged in a collision, complete the front of the claim form with the other party. You can also fill out the back at home. If you've already used the form once, of course you'll need a new one. You can always order a new claim form from your insurer or intermediary. You can also download and print the claim form or report the damage via the mobile app. At we are happy to explain!

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order a claim form

Order claim form from intermediary or insurer

A European claim form consists of an explanatory note, an original claim form and a carbon copy of this form. Together with the other person involved, you fill out the original form. The information then automatically prints on the additional claim form. This way you both have a copy of a claim form. This is important because you both have to send a completed form to your insurance company. The insurance companies then determine among themselves which insured is responsible for the damage and thus which company should compensate the damage.

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Download and print your own claim form

You do not necessarily have to order a claim form from your insurer or intermediary, because you can also download the form and print it out yourself. In that case you have to take into account that you have to fill out the claim form twice: one for yourself and one for the other party. A printed claim form does not print through. Then keep the printed claim form in the glove box of your car so you always have it handy. The other party should also have a claim form with them.

Do you have car damage but don't have a claim form handy? Then you can also report the damage via the mobile app. This is easy to download onto your smartphone. You then go through all the questions in the app. You can also immediately add photos of the damage. This gives the insurer a good idea of the damage incurred. Your insurer will then be automatically notified when you report car damage via the app.

Order a European damage form for your car right away!

Want to order a European claim form right away? Then please contact your intermediary or insurer. In any case, make sure you report the damage on time. Usually the policy conditions of the car insurance policy state that the damage must be reported within 24 hours. This does not mean that the claim form has to be in within 24 hours. You must first report the damage to the insurer by phone. An insurer does ask that you send the claim form as soon as possible. Often your policy conditions will also state within which time period the claim must be reported in writing.

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