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How do I send in a claim form?

Immediately after an accident, you and the other party fill out a claim form. The European claim form consists of 14 questions about the accident and damage, as well as about the vehicles involved and their drivers. Based on this completed form, the insurer can determine who the guilty party is and the amount of damages to be paid. You fill out the front side together with the other party and you can fill out the back side at home if necessary. Do this as soon as possible, because immediately after the accident you remember best what happened. Both parties must send a completed form to their insurer.

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send in claim form

Who should send in the claim form?

Do you have a collision with another driver? If so, you must fill out a claim form together for insurance purposes. The claim form consists of an explanatory note, an original claim form and a carbon copy of this form. You fill out the original form with the other party. As a result, the information you fill out automatically prints on the claim form attached behind it. Are you using a printed claim form? Then it will have to be filled out twice by you and the other party. This is because a printed claim form does not print through. It is important that both parties have a fully completed claim form. You also both send the claim form to your own insurance company. The insurance companies will then decide among themselves which of them should compensate the damage.

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How soon do you have to send in a claim form?

Usually the policy terms of your car insurance policy state that the claim must be reported within 24 hours. This does not mean that the claim form has to be in within 24 hours already. You must first report the damage to the insurer by phone. An insurer will ask you to send the claim form as soon as possible. Often your policy conditions will also state within which time period the claim must be reported in writing.

If you use a paper claim form, you can send it by mail or post. However, you can also report the damage using the mobile app. With this you fill in the damage form digitally. You can immediately add photos of the damage. Then you send the report via the app. The other party must then confirm the report with an SMS code. If you use the mobile app, sending a paper claim form is no longer necessary.

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