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What is a bonus malus step?

A bonus malus step means a step on the bonus malus ladder. A bonus malus ladder is a table that insurers use to determine the no-claim discount for your car insurance. Just like a real ladder, a bonus malus ladder consists of so-called steps. The discount you receive is determined by the number of no-claim years you have. The higher you are on the ladder, the more no-claim discount you will receive.

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bonus malus step

Is bonus malus step the same as claim-free years?

No, bonus malus and claim-free years are not the same. You build up claim-free years as soon as a car insurance is registered in your name. For every year that you do not make any claims with the insurer you get 1 claim-free year. These claim-free years are then linked to a step on the bonus malus ladder. On the basis of the step, the insurer can calculate the correct percentage of no-claim discount. If you decide to switch insurers, these claim-free years are simply taken with you. However, this does not mean that you automatically arrive at the same step with your new insurer. Insurers are all allowed to use their own bonus malus table. Because of this, steps and no-claim discount can differ.

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Bonus malus step and claim-free years

Claim-free years are accumulated in the same way with every insurer. However, not every insurer uses the same bonus malus ladder, as a result of which the steps and discounts can differ per car insurer. Also, the step on the bonus malus ladder at which you start may differ from one insurer to another. Have you built up 5 claim-free years? With one insurer you start at step 10 and with another at step 11. If you have built up so many claim-free years that you have reached the top step, you will get the maximum discount, which can be as much as 80% on the basic premium. You still get claim-free years, but these no longer count towards the no-claim discount. People in the top step can have 15 claim-free years, but also 30.

When do you fall back in step(s)?

You will fall back in class when you make a claim with your insurer. You then lose claim-free years. For every claim you make, you lose 5 claim-free years. This is the same for every insurer. With most insurers you will fall back five steps, depending on your position on the ladder. Have you built up 15 or more claim-free years? Then you always fall back to 10 years after a claim.

Where can I find out which step I am on?

Every year, your car insurer must let you know how many claim-free years you have. That is why you can find your accrued claim-free years on the insurance policy that you receive from the insurer each year. In the bonus malus ladder of your car insurance, you can see which step you are on based on your claim-free years. Often your step is mentioned on the insurance policy. Have you lost your policy? You can also request your current claim-free years and step from your intermediary or insurer.

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