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What happens to your no claim after damage?

No claim means "no claim. Insurers work with a reward system to reward claim-free driving. The more claim-free years you accrue, the more no claim discount you receive. If you make a claim with your car insurance company, you will lose claim-free years and lose part of your no-claim discount.

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no claim after damage

No claim up after damage

If you have damage, this sometimes comes at the expense of your claim-free years and thus your no claim discount. If you are liable for damage to another party, this is claimed from the insurer. We call this fault damage. As a result, you lose your claim-free years and subsequently receive less no-claim discount. So you will pay more for car insurance.

Damages you claim on your WA limited casco car insurance do not reduce your no claim. These include damage to your car caused by hail, fire or storm, broken windows, theft of the car or a collision with stray animals. Is the damage caused by someone else? Then you can claim the damage from the other party's car insurer. Even then this will not affect your claim-free years and no claim discount.

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How much no claim lost after damage?

You lose claim-free years and no claim by claiming damages from your insurer. One claim costs you five claim-free years. If you have more than 15 claim-free years, you always fall back to 10 claim-free years after a claim. There are also a number of damages for which you do not lose any no claim when you claim the damage. These are damages that are covered by the WA limited casco part of your car insurance. Examples are windshield damage, storm and hail damage and theft of the car. In case of damage caused by a collision or vandalism, the claim on the insurance will be at the expense of your claim-free years.

No claim table

A no claims table is also called a bonus malus ladder. Based on this table, insurers determine the amount of the no claim discount. The table, or ladder, consists of several steps. The higher you are on the bonus malus ladder, the more no-claim discount you receive. Each year that you do not claim any damage with your insurer, you move up one rung on the ladder. The no claim discount can therefore amount to as much as 80% on the basic premium. However, in case of a claim you also lose your no claim discount and therefore pay more for the insurance premium. You always fall back 5 no-claim years on the bonus malus ladder if you claim a loss.

Each insurer has its own bonus malus scheme. As a result, there may be differences in discount between the various insurers. The bonus malus arrangement of your insurer can be found in the policy conditions.

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