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Who is insured on a car insurance policy?

Car insurance is compulsory, but also desirable. It would be unthinkable to have to bear the costs of an accident caused by yourself. Who is actually insured in your car? For example, can you lend your car to your neighbour? A car insurance is linked to the car. Therefore, in principle, it does not matter who drives the car. The driver is insured on the policy of the car. However, there are a few marginal notes. There are exceptions.

The driver must be in possession of a driving licence

It seems unnecessary to emphasise this, but it is explicitly included in the policy conditions. You are responsible for the behaviour of the driver of your car. If the unauthorised driver of your car causes damage, you as the owner of the car are responsible for the damage. It is a different story if the car is stolen, but in that case a theft report has to be filed with the police. Of course, someone with a driving disqualification is not allowed to drive a car either.

Who is insured

Car insurance does not cover rental

Through different organizations you can rent out your car. For example, you can use Mywheels and SnappCar. Keep in mind, however, that the insurance company does not provide coverage for rentals. In case of damage, the amount can be recovered from you. Through these organizations you can get additional insurance to your existing car insurance, but there are still risks involved in renting. In case of damage, you can be registered on a black list that insurers can access. So it can happen that after damage you are no longer accepted by insurers. Keep this in mind.

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Is lending allowed?

Yes, you can lend out your car. Please note, however, that the borrower may not be the regular driver of the car. Young people often have to pay a lot of money for car insurance in their own name. This can be overcome by insuring the car in their parents' name. But beware! This is not allowed. It is difficult for insurers to prove this kind of "fraud", but it can have major consequences.

Are the passengers also insured?

Passengers who suffer damage due to an accident, for example, can hold the driver liable for the damage. In case of damage caused by an other party, passengers can turn to the insurer of the other party. Passengers are not insured in the car insurance of the car they are in. In addition to the car insurance, passengers can be insured with the damage occupant insurance or the accident occupant insurance.

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