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Can I suspend my licence plate online?

Vehicle owners have been able to suspend the license plate via the Internet at the RDW since April 2009. Whereas you used to have to go to the post office to suspend a license plate, nowadays you can do this on the RDW website.

Read all about the new registration certificatehere .

Temporary non-use of a vehicle: suspension

If you plan not to use public roads with the vehicle for an extended period of time, you can remove the vehicle from public roads. It is then possible to also suspend the license plate. The RDW registers the suspension in the license plate register. As a result, you do not have to pay road tax, there is no APK inspection obligation and the obligation for third-party insurance is removed. So, suspending a license plate can save you a lot of money. Should you also suspend the insurance and had a WA extra or WA-casco (all-risk) coverage, you should be aware that this coverage is no longer in effect either.


registration number suspension

Am I not allowed on public roads with a suspended license plate?

If the validity of the license plate is suspended, you may not use public roads with the vehicle. This applies both in the Netherlands and abroad. The vehicle may also not be parked along the public road. This means that the car must therefore be parked on private property or in an enclosed garage. A public parking garage is still public road.

Apply for or renew suspension online

Before you apply, we want to remind you of the following:

  1. Only private individuals can use this service. For legal entities, legal entities under public law and churches (PURK), online suspension is not (yet) possible.
  2. You can only suspend a license plate that is in your name.
  3. To suspend a license plate, you must be in possession of the full license plate.
  4. A vehicle with a suspended registration number may not be parked or driven on public roads.

If you want to suspend the car online, you can follow the following roadmap:

  1. Go to "Request suspension or renewal. This will take you to the DigiD screen where you can log in. Here you fill in the requested data, after which you will enter the RDW service.
  2. Select the license plate number of the vehicle you want to suspend.
  3. Choose how long you want to suspend the car: 1,2 or 3 years.
  4. Pay the fee via iDeal.

You will then receive an e-mail confirming the application. Only when you receive a second e-mail from the RDW is the license plate suspended. This e-mail also contains the end date of the suspension. You should print this e-mail and keep it in a safe place. This is the proof of the suspension. If you request a new suspension for a vehicle online, it will take effect immediately.

What is the cost of a suspension?

For cars less than 15 years old, you pay the standard rate. For cars 15 years or older, you pay the low rate. If you extend a suspension, this also falls under the low rate. In 2021, the following fees are charged for suspending a car:

Duration of suspension Costs in 2021
Requesting or extending a suspension normal rate RDW €75,65
Applying for or extending a suspension at the RDW low rate €24,95
Application for suspension or extension RDW normal tariff for 2 years €100,60
Application for suspension or extension of low rate RDW for 2 years €49,90
Application for suspension or extension RDW normal tariff for 3 years €125,55
Application for suspension or extension of low rate RDW for 3 years €74,85

How long can I suspend a car?

You can suspend a car for 1,2 or 3 years. After this period, the suspension expires automatically. However, you can also choose to extend the suspension.

Suspend more than 5 vehicles

Do you have more than 5 vehicles you want to suspend (consecutively) or have you suspended them before? Then each subsequent suspension is free, provided it meets the conditions of the collector's scheme. Read more about this collector's scheme here.

To use this service, you must be logged in. You can log in with a DigiD. After selecting the service, you will be automatically asked for this. More information about DigiD can be found here.

Suspension period

A suspension period lasts 1,2 or 3 years and starts on the day you report the suspension. The suspension period is shown on the registration certificate.

After the suspension period, the suspension expires automatically. To drive the vehicle after that, you must have the registration certificate adjusted at the post office. There is no charge for this.

If you sell a vehicle, or otherwise transfer it, the suspension automatically expires when the license plate is transferred.

If the suspension is lifted in the interim or the vehicle is sold, you will not receive a refund of the suspension amount.

Extending a suspension is possible?

You can extend the suspension. You can extend a suspension from no more than 6 weeks before the end date of the suspension. The expiration date then simply remains the same as the end date of the old suspension. If you extend the suspension before 6 weeks, you do not keep the old expiration date. The date you extend the suspension is then the new expiration date after 1, 2 or 3 years. 1 month before the suspension expires, you will receive a reminder letter from the RDW. You may suspend a car as many times as you want.

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