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RDW registry data overview

The summary consists of all personal and vehicle data contained in the registry, both current and historical.

All about the RDW register

For example, if you have lost your indemnification certificate or your insurance company wants to know which license plates are in your name, it is possible to request an overview from the RDW of the data listed in theRDW register(license plates that are or have been in your name).

You can show this statement to your insurance company. Based on it, they can stop your current insurance. Your insurer is not obligated to accept this statement. It is wise to check with your insurance company first.

The summary consists of all personal and vehicle data contained in the register, both current and historical data (up to 9 years back). You can request this overview in writing. There are costs involved. If you meet the conditions below, you will receive the data by mail.

Online request

If you only want to retrieve your current data from the register, you can use the digital service "view my vehicles" via the RDW website. You will then receive a free overview of the vehicles currently registered in your name. To request the overview, you will need DigiD.

Written request

If you wish to request the overview in writing, please send a request to:
RDW, Information Provision Unit.
PO Box 30.000
9640 RA Veendam

In the request you will state:

  • Your Citizen Service Number (BSN), found on driver's license, passport or ID card
  • your name, address and place of residence*
  • your date of birth*
  • That it concerns right of access to one's own data*
  • the date of your payment and the account number you used to pay*

Entry of data marked with * is mandatory

You can also send an e-mail stating the above.


The inspection fee for 2020 is €4.50. You must transfer the full amount to account number 3227597 in the name of the RDW in Veendam. You can only transfer the amount. The RDW does not accept cash in an envelope. When paying, please state:

  • your name, address and place of residence
  • regarding right of access
  • the date of your letter or e-mail

If you do not meet all the requirements, your application may be delayed or rejected.

Application at the counter

You may also submit your request for inspection rights at the RDW desk in Veendam (Skagerrak 10) or Zoetermeer (Europaweg 205). This can be done on working days between 08.00 and 17.00 hours.

If you come to the counter in Veendam, you will be given the data for a fee (subject to change) immediately upon presentation of a valid ID. If you go to Zoetermeer, the RDW will send your data within a few days to your address and place of residence registered in the vehicle registration register.

Authorize someone

You can also authorize someone to submit a request for inspection to the RDW on your behalf. To do so, the authorized representative must bring the following to the RDW desk:

  • A written authorization signed by you (registered owner/holder) (fax or copy allowed);
  • A copy of your identification;
  • Original ID of the authorized person himself.

The RDW does not give the inspection data to the authorized representative, but always sends it to the address and residence with which you are registered in the vehicle registration register.

Source: RDW

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