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Why DigiD?

When you visit government institutions, in many cases you will need to identify yourself with your identity card, passport or driving licence. On the internet, you do this by logging in with your DigiD. This way, government agencies know that they are really dealing with you.

With your personal DigiD (a user name and password), you can identify yourself on government websites and those of organisations that perform a government task.

Username and Password

Your DigiD consists of a user name and a password, both of which you create yourself. Make sure that your user name and password are easy for you to remember.

Additional SMS control

Do you have a mobile phone? Then you can apply for your DigiD with SMS function. You can then also log in to websites that require additional verification via a code that you will receive by text message.

If you already have a DigiD, you can apply for the SMS function via My DigiD.

How does DigiD work?

Suppose you want to apply for an extract from the municipal personal records database on your municipality's website. You will then be automatically redirected from the municipality's website to the DigiD login page. There you enter your DigiD user name and password. You will then automatically return to the municipal site, where you can request the extract.


Apply for your DigiD now! Make sure you choose a user name and password that others cannot guess. This will prevent misuse of your DigiD. For more information and tips on choosing a secure password, see the Security page.

Validity period

Your DigiD will expire if you do not use it for 3 years. This is for security reasons. If you have entered your e-mail address, you will receive a warning 30 days before your DigiD expires. By using your DigiD once, it will be valid for another 3 years.

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