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What is the Roy Data Register?

The Roy Data register is the central database of Stichting EPS (Efficient Processes Schadeverzekeraars). In the past, you could prove your claim-free years with an expulsion statement, but since 1 September 2007 an insurer puts your claim-free years in Roy Data. They only do this when the insurance policy is terminated. If you then take out a new car insurance, your new insurer will consult the Roy Data register to see how many claim-free years you have.

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Can I retrieve my data from the Roy Data register?

Yes, you too can request your data in the Roy Data register. Keep in mind that the data is not always up to date. Claim-free years are only entered in Roy Data when your car insurance is terminated. If you still have a car insurance, the claim-free years you have accrued during that period will not yet be registered. Is your insurance still running, but would you like to know your claim-free years? Please contact your insurer.

You may request access to your data in the Roy Data Register via the website of Stichting EPS. You can do so by completing the right of inspection form. You can fill in your personal details here. Then upload a copy of your proof of identity and send the form. After sending the form, it may take a while before you receive your claim-free years. In most cases this takes a maximum of 28 days.

Data in register is not correct, what to do?

Have you seen your data in the Roy Data register, but do you suspect that it is incorrect? Then you can contact the insurer who has registered the claim-free years. The insurer can then adjust the incorrect claim-free years. There is no point in contacting Stichting EPS to do this. Stichting EPS cannot and may not adjust claim-free years. You should therefore always report incorrect details to the insurer concerned.

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