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What is a registration certificate?

From 1 January 2014, there will be a new registration certificate in the Netherlands. From that date onwards, the RDW will issue the registration certificate in credit card format. This is also known as the registration card. Your vehicle registration certificate is an important part of your car insurance. With a vehicle registration certificate, you can prove that you are in possession of a vehicle. Over the years the vehicle registration document has changed. Different registration documents have been issued that sometimes had different names.

Registration certificate

Until 1 January 2014, the registration certificate consisted of three parts, namely:

Part 1

Part 1 consisted of 2 parts, namely Part 1A and Part 1B. 1A, also called the vehicle certificate, was the part with the vehicle data. 1B, also called the registration certificate, was the part with the registration data.

Part 2

This part of the registration certificate was also called the certificate of transfer. The certificate of transfer was necessary for the transfer of the vehicle and should be kept at home.

Part 3

The former registration certificate part 3 and the transfer certificate have been replaced by the registration code from 1 January 2014. The registration code consists of 9 digits. The first part of the code is sent to you when you transfer the vehicle registration. The second part is included in the registration card that the RDW sends you. You put the two parts of the code together. You need the code if you want to sell, trade in, suspend, scrap or export your vehicle. You should therefore keep the registration code in a safe place.

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What does a new registration certificate cost?

Have you lost your vehicle registration certificate (registration card) or has it been stolen or damaged? If so, you can apply online for a new vehicle registration card and registration code. The costs for a new registration card and registration code are €31.50 in both 2019 and 2020. You can pay the costs via iDEAL.

A new registration certificate and the letter with the registration code are always sent by the RDW to the address of the registered owner/holder, as registered with the municipality.
Upon receipt of the new registration certificate, please destroy the old paper registration documents that you may still have in your possession. These are no longer valid. If a registration card has already been issued for your vehicle, you must destroy the "old" registration code.

Have you only lost (part of) the registration code? Then you can request a new registration code free of charge via the RDW website.


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