What is the best caravan insurance?

In the Netherlands, insurance is mandatory for motor vehicles. However, a caravan is not a motor vehicle, therefore you are not obliged to insure your caravan. If you cause damage to another person with your caravan, this falls under the coverage of your car insurance. However, if your own caravan is damaged, you cannot claim this damage from your car insurance company. For this you need to take out caravan insurance. But which caravan insurance should you take out? On Alpina.nl we would like to explain to you how to find the best caravan insurance.

Caravan insurance? Compare premiums!

Compare caravan insurances

One way to find the best caravan insurance is to compare providers. On Alpina.nl you can use our handy online comparer. You answer a number of questions about your caravan, such as the year of purchase and year of construction, the length, the new value and the purchase value. You also select the cover you want to take out.Then, within minutes, you will see which caravan insurance policies are the best match. To compare properly, we also ask about the value of the:

  • Awning
  • Possible extension
  • Contents
  • Mover

Get best caravan insurance? Compare premiums by price and content through Alpina!

While comparing you can compare caravan insurances on price and content. This way you will not only find the best, but also the cheapest caravan insurance. By not only looking at the premiums you can be sure that your caravan insurance offers good coverage in case of damage.

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