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What is the premium for caravan insurance?

When you take out a caravan insurance policy you pay an insurance premium. The premium is the amount you pay to your insurer per period of time for your caravan insurance. In most cases you can choose to pay the premium per month, quarter or per year. The differences between insurers can be big. Comparing your caravan insurance is therefore always advisable. The caravan insurance premium The amount of the premium depends on several factors like coverage, year of construction and amount of excess.

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How do I calculate the premium for my caravan insurance?

The moment you go to buy caravan insurance, you naturally want to know what it will cost. On Alpina.nl you can easily and quickly calculate the premium for your caravan insurance. In order to calculate the premium properly we need some information about the caravan. After entering the data, you will receive an overview of premiums and conditions that best fit your given information. Under the "info" button you will find more information about the coverage in the policy. This way you can select the cheapest caravan insurance with the coverage that best suits your caravan.

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How is the premium of a caravan insurance established

Your caravan insurance premium is determined based on the details of your caravan and the desired coverage you choose. At Alpina.nl you can enter this information into our premium comparator. Generally, these are questions you can answer off the top of your head probably. For example: year of construction, dimensions, new and purchase value are important factors in determining the premium. In addition, we also ask about the value of the: awning/awning, any attachments, contents and/or mover. Based on this information, a calculation is made and we look at which caravan insurance best suits your needs and situation.

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What determines the premium of a caravan insurance?

The premium of a caravan insurance depends on a number of factors. Of course, the type of coverage you choose is important for the amount of the premium. Including or excluding hail damage insurance is a very decisive factor for the premium. Including or excluding hail damage insurance makes a very big difference. We see that the weather conditions are becoming more and more severe. Storms and heavy hailstorms are becoming more common. Therefore hail damage is usually not covered by the standard insurance. It is highly advisable to take out additional insurance with cover for hail and storm damage. If your caravan has a hailstone-resistant roof, you will often receive a substantial discount on the premium.

The premium also depends on the amount of the excess. There are big differences between insurers in the excess of a caravan insurance. On average, the excess lies between € 0 and € 150. In some cases you do not have an own risk, but then you are obliged to have the damage repaired by one of the insurers. When comparing caravan insurance, it is therefore important to read the policy conditions carefully so that you know exactly what you are and are not insured for.

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