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Is a Bovag caravan inspection mandatory?

Currently there is no mandatory Bovag inspection for the caravan. However, there are sounds that this may change in the coming years. For the time being, it is not mandatory. Having caravan insurance is also not (yet) compulsory, but is, just like getting an MOT inspection for your caravan, strongly recommended. With a well-maintained caravan that is properly inspected every 2 years by a Bovag company, you will hit the road with peace of mind. The inspection can reveal minor or even major defects in your caravan, which in turn is very desirable from a cost and safety point of view.

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Bovag caravan inspection

What does a Bovag caravan inspection cost?

The cost of a Bovag caravan inspection, depends on what comes out of the inspection. On average, the costs are between 150-300 euros. The costs also depend on the condition of the caravan and whether you do the inspection periodically. A BOVAG service is a combination of inspection and maintenance of all essential parts of your caravan. More than 60 maintenance points are checked. A certified inspector checks all these points including legal requirements such as tires and safety such as gas installation. If necessary, parts are repaired or replaced.

You will receive a detailed inspection report after the inspection, showing which points were checked and the findings. When your caravan is approved on all inspection points, it will receive a BOVAG inspection sticker. This sticker shows the month and year the BOVAG service was performed.

Caravan insurance? Compare premiums!

How often should you have the caravan inspected?

As briefly mentioned above; it is not yet mandatory to have your caravan inspected, just as caravan insurance is not mandatory. You may not think about it because you only use the caravan for a few weeks a year. But standing still (in storage or for a long time at a campsite) means irrevocable deterioration. Moreover, high temperatures, mountainous areas, traffic jams and long travel distances demand a lot from the technology. So for your own safety and comfort, have the caravan serviced regularly by the BOVAG specialist once every two years. Also read our blog on tips with the caravan on vacation here.

How do I compare my caravan insurance?

Comparing caravan insurance is easy. On Alpina.nl answer a few questions and within minutes you'll see what you can save. These are generally questions that can be answered off the top of your head. To avoid overlooking anything, we also ask about the value of the:

  • Awning
  • Possible extension
  • Contents
  • Mover

Why choose a Bovag inspection?

  • You are sure the caravan ( or camper, trailer) meets all legal requirements
  • Bovag has real specialists at work. Well-trained employees with all the knowledge and skills in house
  • Bovag repair warranty: you get a three-month warranty on motorhome servicing and a six-month warranty on caravan and trailer servicing.
  • Higher residual value: BOVAG maintenance is value preservation of the caravan.

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