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Why take out home contents insurance as an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, you want to protect your business against all kinds of risks, such as damage or theft. That is why it is a good idea to look into home contents insurance for your business. With your own business you probably have a lot of inventory, such as laptops, machines, desks, supplies and other office equipment. To ensure that all your belongings are properly protected in the event of damage, you can take out business contents insurance. This will insure all items in your business in case of damage due to burglary, fire or storm.

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home contents insurance for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, insure your household contents

Now you may ask yourself: do I, as an entrepreneur, need home insurance? You probably have enough monthly costs already and don't want to pay even more insurance premiums. Yet the monthly costs do not outweigh the costs in case of damage. Imagine a major fire breaks out and all your possessions go up in flames. If you have to replace all these items at once, the costs can be high. The work comes to a halt and you earn nothing. To get back to work quickly, you can take out business inventory insurance.

Need an inventory insurance? Calculate your premium!

Business inventory insurance

In insurance terms, we do not actually talk about business inventory insurance, but about inventory insurance. Here again, an insurer distinguishes between inventory insurance and goods insurance. The inventory of your company is all the stuff that you use to exercise your profession. Examples are laptops and desks, but also certain machines or instruments. To insure these items, you can take out inventory insurance.

You can also take out goods insurance. Goods refers to your trading stock. These are all raw and auxiliary materials that you use to make your end product, such as semi-finished products, cleaning agents, fuels and packaging materials.

What does inventory insurance cost?

The cost of contents insurance for an entrepreneur depends on the type of business and the sector in which you operate. The amount of inventory and goods also determine the amount of the premium. Just like private home contents insurance, you can choose from different types of coverage. The standard coverage usually includes damage caused by fire, storm, explosion and burglary. You can also insure glass, money, valuables and legal assistance. The additional coverage can differ per insurer. Therefore it is best to use our online comparison tool. This way you can easily compare all (additional) covers, policy conditions and premiums.

Take out contents insurance as a business owner through Alpina

To be properly insured as an entrepreneur, it is best to take out contents insurance. With this, you will be well insured in case of damage and you will prevent high costs after damage. Which insurance is best for your business depends on the type of business you have.

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