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Can I easily compare household insurance policies?

Home contents insurance is actually indispensable. The things in your home can be damaged in many different ways. For example by fire, lightning strike, storm, burglary or flood. With contents insurance, the damage is compensated by the contents insurer and the damaged items can be repaired or replaced. Often the value of your possessions is higher than you think. What if a fire or other unforeseen event would force you to buy everything again? You can imagine that this would be a major expense.

There are many insurers offering home contents insurance. Not all of these products are the same in terms of coverage. A higher premium therefore does not necessarily mean a better product for you. In addition, a relatively low premium may appeal to you, but you may then have a relatively high excess. It depends on your personal and financial situation which cover is most suitable for you.


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What is covered on a contents insurance?

Insurers exclude certain things from coverage, it is good to compare this as well. For example, damage caused by intentional acts/omissions or gross negligence. Other causes of damage may also be excluded. This can be found in the terms and conditions and any clauses of the insurance policy. Exclusions may also affect the amount of the premium offered.

Before taking out insurance, inform yourself about the above-mentioned topics and think about your wishes in advance. It will then be easier for you to compare the different providers and make the right choice.

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Difference between third-party insurance and household insurance

What exactly is the difference between third-party insurance/liability insurance and household insurance? With a contents insurance, the damage to your own belongings is covered. With a third-party insurance/liability insurance, the damage caused by others is covered.

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At www.alpina.nl you can easily compare contents insurance premiums yourself. You can also contact our staff by telephone.
Keep in mind that we need information about your home and contents and that you have it ready. To calculate the premium of your home contents insurance, you need to know the value of your contents. You can also compare and take out your other home insurance policies, such as buildings insurance and liability insurance, at alpina.nl.

If you actually want to apply for contents insurance, always mention any particularities (e.g. insurance cancelled by the insurer in the past, CIS registration, etc.) so that we can submit the application directly to the right insurer for you. In case of such peculiarities, most insurers will not be able to insure you. In that case, however, we can request a no-obligation quotation for the household effects (and other insurances) from De Vereende. This insurer has a broader acceptance policy and in principle accepts everyone, even if, for example, you have defaulted on payment in the past. A condition is that you pay the first 3 months in advance. You can only take out insurance with De Vereende through an intermediary.

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