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Is a telephone covered on a contents insurance?

Home contents insurance is an indispensable insurance. A fire can cause you to lose all your possessions in your home within a few minutes, but the insurance offers a broader coverage. Your smartphone is even insured in the contents insurance. Besides coverage against fire, you can also insure your mobile phone against theft and even against damage from water or dropping it.

Many people do not know whether their household contents insurance also covers the telephone. Not all insurers offer coverage against dropping, but by comparing you can make demands on the policy. A contents insurance including the mobile phone has great advantages over the more limited coverages.

Home contents insurance telephone

What cover does household contents insurance offer for the mobile phone?

You can make a distinction between household insurances. The traditional insurance offers coverage against a number of causes of damage described in the policy conditions. These include cover for theft, fire and storm damage. In the modern household insurance, even dropping your telephone is covered. These are the so-called all-risk insurances. The policy conditions of these insurances do not list what is insured. Actually, everything is insured, provided it is excluded in the policy terms and conditions. For example, the policy terms and conditions state that intentional injury is not insured.

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How far does the all-risk cover go?

The coverage goes quite far. Water damage to your telephone is insured in the contents insurance. Accidentally knocking over a can of paint on a rug is also insured. Being responsible for the damage is no problem for the reimbursement. It's a different story if you throw your mobile phone into the toilet on purpose.

Often a high deductible applies

To prevent the insurer from dealing with many small claims, there is often a high deductible. For example, you pay the first €100 or €150 of damage yourself. In this way, the insurer avoids many small claims, which add up to a large sum. Even more important is the prevention of high costs for handling the small claims. In the case of a small claim, the handling costs are often much higher than the claim payment.

Choosing the all-risk option for the phone alone

Comprehensive household contents insurance is advisable for the smartphone alone. After all, a telephone is easily damaged. A cracked front of a phone may cost you hundreds of euros. Dropping the phone has a high chance of damaging it.

What about a laptop and the contents insurance?

Your laptop can be taken anywhere and is therefore part of your household contents. But is your laptop properly insured with household contents insurance? Insurers apply a number of conditions.

Does it make sense to compare contents insurances?

Yes, it is! The differences between household insurances are large. This is true for both the coverage and the premium. In order to make this transparent, we compare household insurances as well as motor insurances.


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