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What does home insurance cost?

You take out contents insurance to properly insure your precious belongings in your home. So that in case of fire, theft you are covered for the costs involved. The cost of contents insurance depends on a number of factors. First, it depends on the value of your contents. Your personal living and family situation are also important in determining the cost of contents insurance.

what does contents insurance cost

Cost of contents insurance per month

So what contents insurance costs depends, among other things, on the above factors. On average, you'll pay between €10 and €19 per month for an average home in cheaper regions. The cost of contents insurance for a detached house will be higher. In a cheap region, you pay on average between € 13 and € 30 per month. Incidentally, these are also indications. To find out exactly what household insurance will cost you per month, you can use our comparison tool to calculate your premium directly.

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Home contents insurance; how are the costs per build-up

The cost of contents insurance per month can vary enormously. Depending on your personal situation and coverage. For example, your family situation, type of home (rental or owner-occupied, surface area) will play a role in what contents insurance costs. A large owner-occupied house will have more belongings than a rental apartment with a smaller surface area. A family usually has more stuff than a single person, so the cost of household contents insurance is naturally higher.

So what contents insurance costs depends on:
- the insured amount (what amount of contents should be insured? This can often be done using the contents value meter.
- The chosen coverage (how extensive should it be? Do you also want coverage outside the house?)
- the deductible (the higher, the more discount you have on the premium)
- place of residence/region (in big cities insurers charge a surcharge, given the higher risk there)

Compare household insurances

The cost of contents insurance can vary enormously. As mentioned above, some factors play a role there. In addition, the differences between insurers can also be large. Therefore, it pays to compare various providers. Make sure you pay attention not only to the cost of contents insurance, but also to the content of the insurance. A low premium is not necessarily a bad coverage and vice versa a high coverage is not automatically the best choice. Also, always check the policy values carefully to see in which cases you are insured.

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