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Damage to holiday home: is it covered?

More and more Dutch people are exchanging camping for a vacation home. Of course, it can happen that you accidentally damage the house, or that a fire starts because of your actions. When you have liability insurance you naturally assume that it will cover this, but this is not always the case.


If the holiday home is damaged or burnt down because of you, the owner will recover the damage from you. Rented goods are normally not covered by liability insurance. If you rent a holiday home or a boat in the Netherlands and you damage it, in most cases you are not insured. There are insurers who do cover this damage, or only up to an amount of, for example, €75,000. You should therefore always read the policy conditions of the company concerned carefully, so that you know exactly what you are and are not insured for.

Holiday home damage


Abroad, the same conditions of liability insurance apply as in the Netherlands. However, most insurance companies do cover accidental damage to the holiday home abroad. Again, read the policy conditions carefully, because not all insurance companies cover this damage! However, you often have to pay a deposit before you leave the country, so that the owner of the holiday home is not left empty-handed when you go home. This sum can amount to thousands of euros. You can find out from the policy conditions whether the company also covers the deposit. After the damage has been dealt with, you can have the deposit back.

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Travel insurance

Most travel insurances also offer coverage for damage to a holiday home. This can vary from €100 euro to €1500 euro, up to some peaks of €25000 euro. Sometimes this is included in the standard coverage and sometimes it is optional. You can find out if you are insured and for what amount in the policy conditions.

Comparing and concluding

In many cases, liability insurance and/or travel insurance can save you from major financial problems. On our website, you can compare and take out liability insurance.

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