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What makes professional indemnity insurance for freelancers so important?

Making mistakes is human. Entrepreneurs make mistakes too. Small mistakes can have a significant impact. This impact can be felt by both the client and the entrepreneur himself.. Assured be for such errors? The professional indemnity insurance offers a solution. Especially if you practice an advisory profession.

By taking out professional indemnity insurance, you, as an entrepreneur, need not worry so much about causing damage. Without these worries, you as an entrepreneur can better focus on your work!

Good coverage against common professional errors

Always pay attention to the difference between the company liability insurance and the professional liability insurance. These are two different insurances! The former covers material damage and personal injury. Think for example of knocking over a cup of coffee on an expensive computer. The professional indemnity insurance covers the financial damage resulting from professional errors. You can think of errors made by advisory professions. Bookkeepers, lawyers, notaries... And did you know that some clients require a professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance

A professional indemnity insurance zzp required by the client?

Many clients require a certain amount of security when outsourcing assignments. Nowadays, it is therefore common for contractors to be required to have professional indemnity insurance. The reason for this? The moment you make a mistake, the principal will often be held liable. The principal will have you sign a statement that you are liable for your own mistakes as an independent contractor. Professional indemnity insurance is essential for this: it cannot be expected that every self-employed person has enough money in reserve to compensate for damages himself...

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Ensure protection of personal finances with professional indemnity insurance

Although it does not happen often, the financial damage can be enormous in case of a claim. As a self-employed person, you almost always work from a sole proprietorship. Having a sole proprietorship has many advantages. Unfortunately, this legal form also has disadvantages: you will always remain privately liable for financial damages. This is in contrast to, for example, the private limited company. For this very reason, it is a very good idea to take out professional indemnity insurance as a self-employed person.

Please note that private insurances do not provide cover during work!

Although you may already know this, it is worth mentioning again: private insurance does not cover business liability. The liability insurance private cannot be used for professional misconduct as a self-employed person. This is a common mistake, because people reason as follows: I am personally liable as a self-employed person with a one-man business, so my personal insurance will probably also provide cover. Not so! Choose a good professional indemnity insurance.

Close your professionalliability insurance zzp through Alpina

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want a professionalliability insurance? At Alpina, we offer you good insurance at a fair premium. Calculate your premium and see what it will cost you. Do you have any questions about the professionalliability insurance? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our insurance specialists will be happy to help you.

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