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electric scooter insurance

Electric scooter insurance

Your electric scooter easily insured.

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"Comparing insurance almost always pays off. Premiums may have increased or your personal situation may have changed. That's why we recommend comparing your insurance every year."

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Direct coverage

Want to get insurance for your electric scooter? At Alpina.nl , instant coverage is available 24/7. When you calculate a premium through our website and take out insurance, in most cases you get instant provisional coverage.

Help with damage

Are you involved in a claim? We help you handle the claim. If the damage is covered on your policy, we will make sure it is handled by the insurer. Is there no coverage for your damage and is the damage recoverable? Then we engage 112schade.nl. They will recover the damage free of charge from the other party.

Free of charge cancellation

If for any reason you don't want to continue the insurance, you have the option to cancel it - within 14 days of receiving the policy - retroactively at no charge. There will then have been no coverage and you will owe no premium.

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