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Who are insured with family liability insurance?

With a family liability insurance, not only you but also the members of your family are insured in case of damage.

The liability insurance offers coverage against damage caused by your liability. It could be a television that you accidentally knock off the neighbour's table. But you could also accidentally cause your neighbour to have an unfortunate fall. If she breaks her hip in the fall, it could be a big claim financially.

The premium depends on the family composition. The liability insurance for the family has a higher premium than the coverage for a single person. Rightly so, because a single person has a smaller chance of causing damage. An insurer with a family with children runs the greatest risk.

family liability insurance

Do I need to take out third-party insurance for my family?

Third-party insurance and liability insurance are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. WA means Wettelijke Aansprakelijkheid and is used for motor vehicle insurance. In the Netherlands, it is compulsory for the holder of a vehicle registration certificate to take out third-party insurance. The liability insurance (AVP), offers coverage if you cause damage to someone else. In contrast to third-party insurance, liability insurance is not legally compulsory. However, it is advisable to take out this insurance in order to protect your financial situation. The premiums are relatively low.

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Who is insured with the family liability insurance?

With single coverage, only the policyholder, lodgers, pets and household staff are covered. A liability insurance for family covers in most cases more persons like your spouse or registered partner and small children. There is also coverage for lodgers, live-in parents (grandparents or in-laws) and children studying and living away from home.

The family coverage also includes the damage to third parties caused by your guests. If your guests cause damage to your own belongings, this will not be reimbursed.

Until when are my children co-insured?

Most insurances have a maximum age up to which you can co-insure your children. For example, they are co-insured until the age of 27. If they are not living away from home to study, they have to take out their own liability insurance. The family coverage also includes the damage to third parties caused by your guests. If your guests cause damage to your own belongings, this will not be reimbursed.

Are pets covered by my liability insurance?

Many pet owners feel that their pets are part of their family. This is also the case for family liability insurance. So if the dog knocks down a cyclist, the insurance will cover it. Click here for more information.

What about borrowed items?

Liability insurance does not cover damage to rented items. It is often different with borrowed items. Most insurers have included the so-called supervision clause in the insurance. For borrowed items, there is still coverage through this clause. Insurers can set limits to the amount that they will pay out. Keep in mind that the insurer will not pay out if the borrowed items break down during normal use. A lawnmower that stops working for some unexplained reason is often not insured. This is also referred to as the lawnmower's own defect.

Changes in family composition

When your family grows, it is important to take a critical look at your liability insurance. The same applies in case of a divorce, when moving in together or when the children leave home. Also compare immediately if you can't do it cheaper.

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