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Does liability insurance also apply to partners?

Liability insurance is actually indispensable. If you cause damage to someone else, it can sometimes cost a lot of money. An accident can happen at any time and with liability insurance you are always well insured. But if you take out liability insurance, does it also apply to your partner?

Registered partner automatically co-insured when cohabitating

Do you live together with your partner? Then he or she is automatically co-insured when you take out liability insurance. When you take out liability insurance, you have to indicate your family composition. You can indicate whether you are single or have a family. Then you indicate whether you have children or not. Are you single, without children? Then you are of course insured, but also guests, live-in parents, parents-in-law or grandparents, a babysitter or cleaning lady and even any pets are included in the policy. If you are single with children, your children are automatically insured as well.

The same applies to a family. Are you a family without children? Then your live-in partner is co-insured on your liability insurance. Do you have children, but they do not live at home? Then it depends on the situation whether they are co-insured or not. Do you have a child who is a minor, but does not live at home? Then your child is automatically co-insured. Is your child of age, but does he or she live away from home because of their studies? Then it is still co-insured on the policy. Children of age who no longer live at home are not covered by your liability insurance. They have to take out their own liability insurance.

partner liability insurance

Compare liability insurance

Most insurers in the Netherlands offer liability insurance for yourself and your partner. There is a lot of choice, so it is important to know what to look for when comparing liability insurance. When comparing insurances you should look at more than just the premium. It is, of course, the coverage that counts. Does your choice cover everything you want to be insured for? In addition, when taking out liability insurance you can determine the amount of the deductible, which also determines the premium.

Take out liability insurance? Calculate the premium directly!

Take out liability insurance for your partner and yourself immediately!

At Alpina.nl you can easily and quickly compare liability insurance policies. After entering some personal information, such as your zip code and family composition, you will get a handy overview of all providers. Then you can easily compare premiums and policy conditions. Have you found the best liability insurance for yourself and your partner? Then you can take out the insurance directly online.

Still can't quite work it out or do you have any questions about the comparison or conclusion? You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00 on telephone number 088-6883700. We will be happy to help you. Also check all frequently asked questions about liability insurance. Maybe your question is already answered!

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