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How much does liability insurance cost?

Liability insurance is not compulsory, but it is sensible to take out liability insurance. The cost of liability insurance depends on a number of factors. Family composition, excess, and the maximum amount of insurance per event are factors that determine the premium.

Liability insurance costs

With a private liability insurance (avp) you are insured for damage you cause to others. For example, damage caused by the antique vase that you knocked over at your neighbour's house, or physical injury. The costs of personal injury, for example, can quickly mount up. If you are not insured for this, it can have serious consequences. The costs of a liability insurance do not outweigh these costs.

Liability insurance costs; how they are structured

There are a number of factors that determine premiums for liability insurance. These include the factors the insurer considers when calculating the premium:
- amount of the deductible (the higher the deductible, the more "discount" you get on the premium)
- family composition (the premium for a single person is lower than for a family, because less risk is run by the insurer)
- amount of the sum insured (often you have a choice between two different insured amounts)

If you want to change any of the above, the insurance premium will change. This can be higher, but also lower.

Package discount

At Alpina, we cooperate with several providers when it comes to liability insurance. Most insurers offer you a discount if you also take out other insurance with them. For example, household, homeand legal expenses insurance. This is called package discount. This could also influence your choice.

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