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Is an MMBS obliged to have a licence plate?

Previously, an MMBS (Motorrijtuig Met Beperkte Snel) was exempt from the registration requirement, but since 1 January 2021 there are new rules for driving on public roads with an MMBS. These new rules mean that a MMBS must be registered and thus get a license plate. It concerns certain types of MMBS that have a maximum construction speed of more than 6 km/h and drive on public roads. Do you doubt whether your vehicle has to be registered? We put all the information together for you!

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When is a vehicle an MMBS?

An MMBS is a vehicle with a maximum construction speed of 25 km/h or 45 km/h. On the outside the vehicle looks like a normal passenger car or van, but an MMBS is not equipped for the transport of people. The MMBS is used to carry out specific (agricultural) activities, such as delivering or collecting goods over short distances. Examples of an MMBS are limited speed road sweepers, mobile excavators, combine harvesters, mobile shops (SRV vans) and shredders.

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Exceptions to the registration requirement for MMBS

There are a number of exceptions concerning the MMBS registration obligation. These are:

  • Vehicles with a maximum design speed of less than 6 km/h
  • 1-axle motor vehicles
  • Asphalt pavers
  • Asphalt milling machines
  • Rollers

Also MMBS's that are narrower than 130 centimetres are not subject to registration. These are, for example:

  • Vehicles without a towing device intended for such purposes as mowing, weed control, sweeping, snow removal, ice control or dog waste collection
  • Forklift trucks without interchangeable towed equipment at the front

Can I check whether my MMBS requires registration?

Is it not yet clear whether your MMBS requires registration? Then you can use the RDW selection tool. By answering a number of questions about your vehicle, you can check whether your MMBS must be registered.

How do I register my MMBS?

On the RDW website, you can register your MMBS. You can log in for this purpose using your DigiD. You also need to have a number of details about the vehicle to hand, such as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), make and trade name of the vehicle and the year of manufacture. After you have paid the fee of €18 via iDeal, you will receive a confirmation email from the RDW. After the application has been approved, you will receive the registration certificate within 20 working days. One working day later you will receive the registration code.

Licence plate obligation for MMBS

Although an MMBS is now subject to registration and license plate requirements, not all MMBSs are required to have a number plate. Your MMBS must have a registration plate if:

  • Driving faster than 25 km/h
  • This exemption requirement is

If your MMBS does not drive faster than 25 km/h, a registration plate is not compulsory until 1 January 2025. From the 1st of January 2025, all vehicles will have a compulsory registration plate.

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