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Registering youngest driver

Are you fully aware of all the conditions concerning your moped insurance? Did you know, for instance, that insurers apply strict conditions concerning younger drivers? It is therefore very important to register the youngest driver. And do you know if your security lock meets the requirements of the insurer? We list a number of important matters for you.

Why is giving up the youngest driver so important?

The moped insurance is linked to the vehicle and not to the person who has taken out the insurance. So you can let someone else ride the moped. But only if the driver is authorised to drive. He or she must therefore have a driving licence or a moped certificate. It is very important to mention the youngest driver for a moped insurance. Insurers consider younger drivers to be a bigger risk. Therefore the age of the youngest driver is a determining factor for the premium.

What should you do?

Please read the policy terms and conditions and your policy schedule (clauses) carefully to see which of the above policy terms and conditions apply to your insurance. The policy information and the policy conditions are always leading. We advise you to contact us as soon as possible if the actual driver is younger than stated in the policy. In consultation we will correct the policy schedule, this change may have consequences for the premium.

Mandatory lock for your moped ART3

For moped insurance with WA limited hull or all-risk coverage, the insurer requires that you use a lock with ART certification. For a moped with WA limited casco or all-risk coverage, you must have at least an ART 3 lock. When you do not use an approved lock, there is no coverage in case of theft. So check carefully whether your lock meets the insurer's requirements. With basic third-party coverage there is no theft coverage, so there is no requirement for the insurer's lock.

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