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Is motorbike insurance mandatory?

In the Netherlands, it is compulsory to insure every motor vehicle that hits the road. It is therefore compulsory to take out motor insurance. But why is that? An accident is easily caused and can result in personal injury or damage to property. These costs often add up quickly. With an insurance you are in any case covered for the damage you cause to another. If someone else causes damage to you, this is covered by the other party's insurance. Besides the obligatory nature of third-party insurance, good insurance can give you a sense of peace of mind.

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What are the consequences of driving without motorbike insurance?

As soon as you register a licence plate in your name, it is compulsory to have insurance. It is also an offence to drive without motorbike insurance. This can have major financial consequences. In addition to the police, the RDW can also impose a fine. There are four major disadvantages to driving without insurance:

  • The RDW can impose a fine of €400 (they can do this three times a year);
  • You risk a €550 fine from the police if you are arrested;
  • You are responsible for any damage you cause;
  • If you drive uninsured for too long, only expensive insurers will accept your application.

Reason enough not to drive without insurance, but to find good insurance.

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What different types of motorbike insurance are there and which of them are compulsory?

There are various types of insurance and cover for motorbikes. The law requires a WA (third-party liability) insurance as a minimum. You can also choose from WA+(limited casco) and WA+(full casco or all-risk).

What do the different insurance policies cover?


  • Damage to others
  • Damage to belongings of others

WA+ (limited casco)

  • What the third-party insurance covers
  • Damage to the engine due to fire or theft
  • Damage to accessories

WA+ (full casco)

  • What the third-party and limited-casualty insurance
  • Damage to the engine that you cause yourself.

Which insurance companies hardly ever cover:

  • Damage caused by a race or contest
  • Damage by alcohol medication or drugs
  • Driving without a licence
  • Recklessness

The insurances thus differ in premium and have different coverages. If you have a motorbike that is older than 10 years, it is enough for most to take out third-party insurance. Is the motorbike younger than 10 years? Then it is wiser to take out WA+ insurance. Always compare insurances before you choose something.

Tips for taking out motorbike insurance

  1. Look and compare insurances. This will enable you to make a good choice that suits you.
  2. Look at what you do and do not want insured, this can save money.
  3. What do you use the motorbike for? Daily use or recreation may also differ in the premium.
  4. Look at the deductible, this also differs per insurance.
  5. Look at the service an insurance company offers. A good and fast service is nice in case of damage

Everything arranged? We wish you many safe and beautiful kilometres!

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