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Is it compulsory to wear motorbike clothing?

Motorbike insurance has a number of obligations, but motorbike clothing is not compulsory. Why would an obligation not be so bad?

A slip on a motorbike can quickly cause serious injury. Even at low speed. With motorbike clothing on, you will probably still be injured if you slip, but the consequences can be limited with the right clothing.

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Motorbike clothing has multiple functions

Clothing made specifically for motorcycling has several functions. The main function of motorbike clothing is to protect the rider from injuries caused by falling. But the clothing is also made for comfort. The wind does not get a hold of the material. This means that the motorbike clothing does not flap in the wind like a flag. The clothing also ensures good visibility. Compared to cars, motorcyclists are less visible to other work users. Motorbike clothing also provides good ventilation.

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Safety remains a major issue for motorcyclists

In 2017, there were 51 traffic deaths among motorcyclists. In the case of cars, there were 201 traffic deaths among the occupants. There were approximately 650,000 motorbikes on the road and more than 8 million cars. This shows that the risk of a fatal accident is much higher for a motorcyclist. Of course, motorbike clothing cannot prevent injuries, but extra protection can sometimes make the difference between survival and death.

A helmet is compulsory, why not the special clothing?

It is clear that motorbike clothing can be crucial for a motorcyclist and his/her rider, but why is it not compulsory to wear it? In Belgium, it is more or less already compulsory. There are requirements for clothing and footwear and you have to wear gloves. There are also requirements in other countries aimed at ensuring the visibility of motorcyclists. In the Netherlands, you can also wait for further regulations, especially with the high number of traffic fatalities.

How much do the clothes cost?

Good motorbike clothing is expensive. But with good online research, you can keep the costs as low as possible. Motorbike trousers can be purchased for as little as €200 to €350. For a jacket, you have to consider a higher amount, namely €300 to €500. A motorbike suit costs approximately €450 to €700. For boots, you can expect to pay around €100. You'll also need gloves and sunglasses, for example, but safety above all else.

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