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What is motorcycle accident-occupant insurance?

The occupants of a motorbike are poorly protected in the event of an accident. In the event of an accident, the risk of injury is relatively high. An accident passenger insurance is recommended as an additional coverage on a motorbike insurance. Partly because you as a driver are also responsible for your passenger.

In the event of the death of one of the passengers, a payment will be made. This is an amount of €5,000 per passenger. In the event of permanent disability, a payment will also be made. This amounts to €10,000 per passenger. You can take out insurance for two or three riders.

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What does the benefit depend on?

The payment follows in the event of death and as soon as permanent disability is established. The payment does not wait for the complete settlement of the claim. With the accident passenger insurance it does not matter who is responsible for the damage.

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The driver himself is also insured

As a passenger, in many cases you do not need the accident insurance. You can hold the other party or the driver of the motorbike you are riding on liable for the damage. Unfortunately, this is often not so simple and sometimes these are very long-winded processes. The accident insurance certainly has an added value for the passenger(s). For the driver it is also a useful insurance. In the event of death or injury as a result of a steering error, the driver's own motorbike insurance cannot be called upon for financial compensation. The accidental passenger insurance pays out.

The passenger indemnity insurance is an additional insurance with a broader coverage. For example, this insurance does not pay out a one-off lump sum in the event of serious injury. This insurance pays for the actual financial loss caused by the accident. This insurance also pays out in the event of material damage. The premium is higher, but the coverage is also much broader.

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