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How do I level a motor home?

Are you going on an adventure this summer with your motor home or caravan? Do it! A motorhome is freedom of movement, so you can go wherever you want and see where you go from day to day. But there are some things you need to bear in mind when going on holiday with the motorhome. Obviously you need to make sure you have good motorhome insurance. But apart from that, we will discuss the practicalities of travelling with a motorhome. Such as: 'How do you level the camper?This question will be answered in this article.

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motorhome level

Camper level system

A major frustration when camping is a motor home that is crooked or wobbly. The ground on campsites is often not nice and flat. Sometimes it is enough to move the camper a few centimetres, but often not. How do you make sure that the camper is standing level?

  • Explore the site, making sure the ground is as free as possible
  • Start across the width axis and measure with a spirit level
  • Raise the motor home or caravan horizontally by the wheel or axle.
  • Measure with a spirit level from front to back.
  • Set the nose wheel or ramps to the correct height.
  • Stabilise the motor home

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Levelling your motorhome: use of ramps

An extra tool to level your motor home are ramps. These are as it were slanted blocks that you can drive on to level the motor home. It is recommended that you always use two people to level your motor home with ramps. Make sure the ramp is always straight and in the middle of the wheel. If this is the case, you can drive on it carefully. When the camper is at the desired height, do not forget to put the hand brake on to prevent it from rolling back. If you have no experience with ramps, it is wise to practise at home a few times.

Flat-jacket tyre cushion

The Flat-jack is a tyre cushion that has been specially developed for cars, campers and caravans to level them perfectly and quickly. This tyre cushion is ideal on the wet and muddy campsite. In addition, it takes up little storage space because it can be stored flat! An additional advantage is that you can also use the tyre cushion during winter storage, which prevents square tyres.

Smartphone apps: levelling motorhome

Do you have a smartphone? Then there are special apps that can help with levelling the camper. Android has developed a special app for this, the so-called 'camper leveler'. This app shows the number of centimetres each wheel has to rise to level the camper, taking into account the wheelbase and the wheel width. A spirit level is standard on iPhones: open the compass app that comes standard on your iPhone and swipe left. Put your phone on the table and see if the motorhome is level!

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