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Am I required to have seat belts in an RV?

Only seats intended for that purpose may be used while driving.

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Camper seat belt

How many seats are there in a motorhome?

The registration certificate of a newer motor home states how many seats it has. These seats are equipped with belts. In that case, the rule is: seats with belts may be used while driving, other seats may not.

In older motor homes, the number of seats is not stated on the registration certificate. In such cases, all seats fitted with seatbelts may be used while driving. Older motor homes may have seats that do not have seat belts but are intended for use while driving. This was not compulsory at the time.

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Seat belt obligation for motor homes

Whether and where seat belts must be fitted depends on the age of the motorhome and, in the case of a motorhome, on whether it is based on a passenger car or a commercial vehicle. On the website of the Government you can view a diagram of whether you are allowed to use a seat while driving.


In other countries, the rules may be different from those in the Netherlands. The basic principle is that where a car must have a seatbelt, the Dutch requirements apply. Foreign regulations apply to the use of belts.

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