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Can I suspend my motorhome insurance?

RVs are the vacation vehicle of choice. That does mean, however, that they are often stationary for extended periods of time during the rest of the year. If you are not going to use your camper for a longer period of time, for example because you are going on a vacation by plane next year or perhaps to stay at home, it may pay off to temporarily suspend your camper. You then do not have to meet the MOT obligation, insurance obligations and you also do not have to pay road tax. This will save you quite a lot of money on an annual basis. Many people wonder if they can temporarily suspend their camper insurance in that case. With most insurers, however, this is not possible. There, you must terminate your RV insurance. At , we explain how it works.

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suspension of motor home insurance

Conditions for suspending motor home insurance

Unfortunately, most insurers do not allow you to suspend a motor home insurance policy. With a few insurers it is possible. A condition for deferral is often that the motorhome is total loss or has been sold. If you suspend the motorhome, suspension is usually not possible. Many insurers already take the recreational, and therefore temporary, use of the camper into account when determining the premium. Therefore, the premium for a motor home insurance is often lower than for a normal car insurance. If it is not possible to suspend the motor home insurance with your insurer, it might be worthwhile to terminate the insurance after all.

Motorhome insurance? Calculate your premium!

What about my claim-free years?

In the time that you have had your motor home insurance, you have of course built up claim-free years. After termination of the insurance, these years are not simply lost. They remain valid for 3 years. Within those three years you have to take out a new motor home insurance, otherwise they will expire. Some insurers even use a shorter period. Please take this into account and check the policy conditions in advance.

What does it cost to suspend or terminate a motorhome insurance policy?

An insurance policy usually has a standard term of one year. After the first year, you can cancel the insurance on a monthly basis. There are often no further costs involved. If you wish to change or terminate the insurance prematurely, costs are often charged. These are one-off policy costs. These costs may differ per insurer.

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Are you going to use your motorhome again and do you need a new motorhome insurance? In the meantime, insurance premiums may have changed. So always start again with comparing motor home insurances. Maybe this time you will be cheaper with another insurer. By comparing you will find the best and cheapest motor home insurance.

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