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Taking out business scooter insurance

Most people have a scooter for private use, but of course you can also use a scooter for business, such as for things around your company. If you use your scooter for business, you will need business scooter insurance. With business scooter insurance, your scooter is insured in case of damage and theft, for example. You choose how extensively you want to be insured. Here you can read all about business scooter insurance.

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business scooter insurance

Business or private use?

Do you use the scooter both for business and private use? Then you might have doubts about the type of scooter insurance you should take out. If you use the scooter for business, you always need a business scooter insurance. This will also provide cover for private use. This is not the case the other way round. A private scooter insurance will in most cases not cover business rides. Also when you use your scooter more for private than for business purposes, you have to take a business scooter insurance. Under business use we mean for example visiting customers, transporting goods, commuting with a company scooter or a scooter as vehicle for a driving school. Is your scooter private property and do you use it for commuting? Then this will be seen as private use and you do not need a business scooter insurance.

Scooter insurance? Calculate your premium!

What coverages are there for business scooter insurance?

For a business scooter insurance you can only take out a WA coverage. This is the basic coverage. In the Netherlands it is a legal obligation to be insured for damage you cause to others with your scooter. For this you can take out a WA scooter insurance. If you have damage to your own scooter after a collision caused by you, this is not included in the insurance.

Scooter as delivery moped

Do you use your scooter for courier services or food delivery? Then you can take out a special delivery scooter insurance. Keep in mind that you will pay a higher premium than with a regular scooter insurance. The use of a scooter for courier services or food delivery brings along other, bigger risks. Research has shown that drivers of delivery scooters are almost six times more likely to suffer damage than drivers of private scooters. The amount of damage is also about 75 per cent higher. Not all regular insurance companies dare to take this risk. That is why many delivery scooters are insured through the insurance company De Vereende. De Vereende is specialised in insuring special risks. Where regular insurance companies drop out, they will almost always accept an application.

Get your business scooter insurance on Alpina\.nl

At Alpina.nl you can easily calculate the premium for your business scooter insurance. This way you will know what you will soon spend each month on insurance premium. You can also compare different providers on price and content. You do this by entering some data in our online comparison tool. You indicate whether you use the scooter for business or private use. Then you will get an overview of all insurers, including their premiums. Do you have any questions about business scooter insurance? Please contact us!

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  • To calculate premiums, we need the zip code of the primary driver. For private use, the youngest driver must reside at the same address as the applicant. In case of business use, you can enter the postal code of the company here.

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