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What are the cover options for van insurance?

Choosing the right cover for the van insurance is crucial in case of damage. It is the difference between being paid or not. On the other hand, it makes no sense to insure your van too extensively.

Being underinsured means that the cover in the van insurance is too limited. For example, you will not insure a new delivery van against third-party liability. You can also overinsure your delivery van. This means that the cover is not in proportion to the daily value of the delivery van. A delivery van with a daily value of a few thousand euros will not be insured all-risk. This is not possible. You should therefore compare the various van insurances in order to find the right coverage.

damaged car after working hours

Which cover is the right one for a van?

Do you use the car mainly privately and for commuting? In that case, private car insurance is the most logical choice. You do not always have a choice. You insure a company van on a company car insurance.
Before you can make a choice, it is important to understand the coverages you can choose between. Most insurers offer the following coverages:

When to choose WA car insurance?

For an older delivery van, the other two coverages no longer matter. The only question is when an older delivery van is involved. Are we talking about an 8-year-old or rather a 15-year-old delivery van? That is closely related to the value of the delivery van and the premium you owe for the delivery van insurance. For a delivery van from 10 years old, often the WA insurance is chosen. This insurance only pays out if there is damage due to liability. If an accident is caused, the insurance only pays out for the damage of the other party. The damage to your own van is your responsibility.

Still opt for the WA + limited casco

Naturally, the WA + limited hull cover also provides cover for damage caused by liability. In addition, the insurance also offers coverage against a number of causes of damage that are described in the policy conditions. This concerns the following coverages:

  • Collision with stray animals
  • Lightning damage
  • Hail and storm damage
  • Fire and explosion
  • Window breakage

This van insurance is often chosen for a van that is a few years old until the vehicle is about 10 years old. It is only an indication, because if you can opt for all-risk van insurance for a few euros extra, it is certainly advisable. Also for a 10 year old delivery van.

Is choosing all risk van insurance best?

For a new delivery van you choose the all risks van insurance. For young delivery vans this cover can also be chosen until the delivery van is too old for this cover. When that point is reached differs per van. It also depends on the premium difference between the all-risk van insurance and the more limited coverage. This coverage also offers additional coverage for damage to your own vehicle in case of an accident caused by you. You can also recover damage caused by vandalism from the insurer.

Can I expand my van insurance with additional coverages?

In addition to the insurance for the delivery van, you can also choose cover for damage to the passengers (e.g. the damage passenger insurance). You can also insure legal assistance and even the contents of the van can be insured with the own transport insurance.

Do you want to cancel your van insurance? All the information you need can be found here.

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