oldtimer truck insurance

Oldtimer truck insurance: insure your truck directly!

Calculate the premium of your oldtimer truck insurance directly!

Looking for vintage truck insurance? Alpina\.nl helps you do just that. Calculate online the premium for a vintage truck and take out vintage truck insurance directly.

Cheap oldtimer insurance

Old-timer truck insurance is cheaper than regular truck insurance. This is because this rate is special for trucks that are no longer used for business purposes but only for hobby purposes.

Old-timer truck insurance: suitable for me?

A small group of motorists can take out oldtimer insurance. Do you want cheap old-timer truck insurance? Then you can only use the truck as a hobby. Also the oldtimer truck is limited in the annual kilometres. Often insurers set a maximum of 5000 or 7500 kilometres.

Other cheap oldtimer insurances

Alpina, in addition to cheap vintage car insurance for passenger cars, also has vintage car insurance for:

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Calculate the premium of your oldtimer truck insurance directly!

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