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What is the meaning of WGA gap insurance?

As an employer, are you already familiar with WGA gap insurance? A WGA gap insurance is also known as WGA gap insurance or WGA supplement insurance. You can take out WGA gap insurance to minimize your employees' loss of income in the event of long-term disability. In this article on we will tell you more about the meaning of WGA gap insurance and how to take out this insurance.

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What exactly is WGA and WGA gap?

WGA stands for Work Resumption Partially Disabled Persons. The WGA is part of the Work and Income according to Labour Capacity Act (WIA). If an employee is more than 35% incapacitated for work, he will have to deal with the WGA. The WGA gap is the loss of income that can occur when an employee is unfit for work for a long time. In the Netherlands, an employer is obliged to continue paying wages for two years. After this period, the employee will receive a WGA salary-related benefit. After a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 24 months, this benefit will be transferred to a WGA benefit (wage supplementation/continuation).

A WGA gap occurs when the employee receives the WGA continuation benefit, and in doing so, their total income falls below 70% of their insured annual wage. If a WHA gap occurs, it means that your employee's income drops significantly, by up to 30% of their former income. To protect your employee against this, as an employer you can take out WGA gap insurance.

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What is a WGA gap insurance?

A WGA gap insurance is an insurance you can take out to protect your employees against loss of income if they are disabled for a long period of time. With a WGA gap insurance your employee receives a supplement to the statutory WGA continuation benefit if there is a WGA gap. In that case, the insurer supplements the employee's income up to 70% times the disability percentage times the former salary. With a WGA gap insurance you give your employees more financial security when they become disabled and are unable to work for a longer period of time.

What are the advantages of a WGA gap insurance?

A WGA gap insurance has several advantages:

  • A WGA gap insurance fills the WGA gap up to the AOW age
  • The insurer offers assistance in the reintegration of the employee
  • WGA gap insurance is a good fringe benefit for your employees
  • Insurance contributes to the financial well-being of your employees
  • The premium of a WGA gap insurance is tax deductible
  • The benefit is stable in value

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