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Why switch health insurance?

Every year more than 1 million Dutch people switch health insurance. Many people still see switching as a big step, but in practice it's not such a big deal. At Alpina, we make comparing health insurance as easy as possible. The differences in premiums between the various insurers are often large. Therefore, in many cases you can realize substantial savings. Why switch health insurance?

Saving on your health insurance

For many people, saving money is the main reason for switching. A cheaper health insurance does not necessarily have to be of a lower quality. The differences are mainly in the supplementary insurances. It is therefore worthwhile to compare these supplementary insurances with each other.

Does your current insurance still fit your situation?

In mid-November, health insurers announce their premiums. During that period, you will also be notified by your health insurer what will change for you. In addition to the premium, that may include coverage and contracts with health care providers. If that's the case, it can definitely pay off to compare well. Also look carefully at what care you think you will need in the coming year.

Do you expect to incur more or less expenses?

Think you will need the same care next year as this year and are satisfied with your current health care package? Then it may not be necessary for you to compare. Do you expect to incur more costs in the coming year, for example because of an operation or extra physical therapy? Or do you expect to incur fewer costs? Comparing is certainly wise in these cases. That way, you can choose your health insurance policy for the new year that best suits your personal needs.

You can only switch by January 1

You can take out a new health insurance policy only once a year. From mid-November until before January 1 of the new calendar year. This means that you are stuck with your health insurance for the whole year and that you cannot cancel and switch in the meantime. So in the last period of the year you have to start thinking about the care you think you will need in the coming year.


The moment you are expecting a child, it might be a good time to start comparing insurance. Consider additional maternity care coverage that you may want to insure. In addition, there are a few more important moments in your child's life to take a closer look at your policy:

  • If (one of) your child(ren) needs braces. Carefully compare the different policies and coverage. Also take waiting periods into account. After taking out a package with coverage for orthodontics, you can generally not start right away in the new year. You usually have to wait a year first.
  • Your child is turning 18. Is your child still supposed to be on your policy? Because if you have high additional coverages, your child will automatically get them as well and they will have to be paid for. Still a shame if your child has no need for those packages.

New appointments with care providers

Insurers make new contracts with health care providers every year. At the moment you have a natura or budget policy, you are limited in choosing your health care provider. It is then important to check whether you can still go to the same health care provider in 2023 as you did last year.

You have a new job

Do you have a new employer? The moment there is collective health insurance, employees can benefit from a so-called group discount. In certain cases, you can then also switch during the year. In that case, ask about the conditions.

Until when can I change?

Every year, health insurers announce their new premiums and package contents by Nov. 12. From then on, you can switch until December 31. Do you not yet know which health insurer you want to switch to, but want to cancel your current insurance anyway? In this case, you have to cancel your current insurance in advance. You can still take out new insurance until January 31st. Attention! You need to know in time whether your new insurer will accept you. The new insurance always starts on January 1.

Why get your health insurance from Alpina?

Looking for a good health insurance with an attractive premium? At Alpina, we also offer health insurance from a variety of providers. What are the benefits?

Compare on premium and conditions.

In our comparisons, we look not only at price, but also at conditions. After all, a good health insurance policy is one that is tailored to your personal needs.

Telephone advice from our experts

Our healthcare experts are ready to provide you with appropriate advice. Moreover, you will always be helped quickly! You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 08.30 - 17.00 hours on telephone number: 088 - 12 10 251.

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