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Until when can I change?

Switching health insurance takes little time and can save you a lot of money. Switching can be done from one health insurance company to another, or you can choose a different health insurance with the same insurer.

Switching health insurance 2024

Every year by November 12, health insurers announce the premium and package contents for the new year. From then on, you can start comparing health insurance policies. When doing so, look carefully at what care you think you will need for the coming year. You may not have needed your supplementary insurances much, if at all If you expect the same for next year, you can consider canceling or reducing your supplementary coverage. The fewer (extended) supplementary coverages you have, the lower your health care premium will be. With the basic insurance you always have a mandatory deductible. Do you expect to need little care from the basic insurance? Then you can opt for a higher deductible. You can voluntarily increase your deductible to a maximum of € 885. In exchange for a higher deductible excess, you get a discount on your health care premium. The discount may vary by health insurer.

Until when can I change?

Switching is not possible all year with a few exceptions. On Nov. 12, health insurers will announce their premiums and health care package. From that moment you can start comparing and choosing your new health insurance. In any case, switching is possible from November 12 to December 31.

Switching after 1 January

Want some extra reflection time before you buy health insurance? You can. This does mean that you have to cancel your old health insurance no later than December 31. Normally, the new health insurer does this when you take out health insurance. But if you choose to think a little longer about your new health insurance, you will have to cancel your old health insurance yourself. If you don't do this on time, you won't be able to switch in the new year. If you did cancel on time, do not forget to take out a new health insurance before February 1 or, if necessary, return to your old insurer. This way you will avoid a fine. After all, having health insurance in the Netherlands is mandatory.

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