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What is an AOV insurance?

An AOV insurance is also known as disability insurance. With an AOV insurance you receive a payment from the insurer if you become disabled. An employee is usually automatically insured by his employer, but an entrepreneur is responsible for taking out an disability insurance. If you are an independent entrepreneur and you become disabled, your income will decrease considerably. With an AOV insurance you have certainty of income. So you can do your business carefree.

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What is AOV insurance elbow crutch

Why is it wise to take out an AOV insurance?

The risk of an accident or illness may seem small, but of course an accident can happen at any time. The risk of becoming unfit for work is always present. Certainly in some sectors, for instance because they work with heavy machinery. Yet many entrepreneurs underestimate this risk. The accident does not have to happen during your work, but can also occur in your spare time, such as a nasty fall on your bicycle. An employee who becomes disabled for work will receive an income during this period because his or her employer has taken out disability insurance. However, as an entrepreneur you are responsible for taking out a disability insurance.

It is always advisable to build up a good buffer, but of course it is not infinite. Moreover, you do not want to run the risk that your savings run out quickly. If you become disabled, you miss a large part of your income while your fixed costs still have to be paid. By taking out disability insurance as an entrepreneur, you are ensured of an income at the time you become disabled and cannot work for a long time. This way you have a financial safety net and you know for sure that you can continue to pay your bills.

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Benefits of AOV insurance

Do you still have doubts about the purchase of an AOV insurance? An AOV insurance has many advantages for you as an entrepreneur, such as:

  • With an AOV insurance you are insured for an income at the moment you become unfit for work.
  • You determine the part of your income that you want to insure up to a maximum percentage (the lower the insured amount, the lower the premium).
  • The insurer also offers reintegration assistance
  • The premium of an AOV is often tax deductible

Take out AOV insurance directly through Alpina

Taking out an AOV insurance is not yet obligatory, but it is sensible. If you become disabled, you can often not work for a long time. This can be a big blow for your finances. You miss a lot of income, while you still have to pay your bills.

At Alpina.nl you can directly request a quote for AOV insurance ZZP. Based on your personal data, we can make an accurate quote. You can then compare the offer yourself. Do you have any questions about AOV insurance or the quotation? Then please contact us!

Request an offer for an AOV insurance directly!

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