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Courier insurance difficult to take out? Probably not that difficult!

Apr 12, 2018
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For passenger cars and vans used for delivery, take out courier insurance. Not all insurers have suitable insurance for this. We have selected a suitable courier insurance for you.

Motor vehicles insured on courier insurance are, on average, more prone to damage. This is because the vehicles are used intensively. And the vehicles travel short distances each time. Also, it is often changing drivers who drive the motor vehicle. The increased risk makes it difficult to obtain insurance.

Why buy special courier insurance?

Using a privately insured car as a courier is much cheaper in insurance. Still, we advise against it. After all, in case of damage, it remains to be seen whether the insurer will provide coverage. The premium for a privately insured car is not geared to the risk. If, in case of damage, it turns out that the car was used in a different capacity than the insured capacity, a big problem can arise. The amount of damages paid to the other party may be recovered from the owner of the car. This can amount to hundreds of euros, but also to hundreds of thousands of euros.

Keeping courier insurance premium as low as possible

For courier insurance, the premium is highly dependent on the number of accumulated claim-free years. Without claim-free years, the premium can be high. Especially if you choose the WA + Fully comprehensive. This is the most comprehensive form of insurance. Within this coverage, you will also be paid for damage to your own vehicle in case of an accident caused by your fault.

Allow for a higher deductible

Insurers use low deductibles on average when insuring motor vehicles. With business insurance, the deductible is often already higher. With courier insurance, a proportionally high deductible is also charged. In this way, the monthly premium still remains affordable. This is because part of the risk remains with the owner of the vehicle.

Which courier insurance is the best choice?

There are three forms of insurance you can choose between. The cheapest is the third-party insurance. This is compulsory and compensates damage caused by liability of the insured motor vehicle. You choose WA + Limited Comprehensive or WA + Full Comprehensive for vehicles for which you also want to receive compensation for damage to your own vehicle. The WA + Limited Comprehensive Vehicle insurance provides coverage against damage caused by fire, theft and glass breakage, among other things. With the WA + Full casco, for example, you also receive compensation for damage to your car caused by an accident.

Looking for courier insurance is not easy. Most insurers do not offer the insurance. We can offer you a suitable courier insurance at a fair premium.

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