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Is it compulsory to insure a motorboat?

Have you recently bought a motorboat or do you perhaps intend to buy one? Then you probably wonder whether you are obliged to insure your motorboat. A boat insurance ensures that you are insured in case of damage. You choose which coverage you want. You can choose from WA, WA + Limited Casco or Allrisk.

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motorboat insurance

Motorboat insurance not compulsory in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, it is not compulsory to insure your motorboat. However, in some situations a WA boat insurance is compulsory. This is for example at competitions, in a marina, a boat storage or on (part of) the water. Do you ever go abroad with your motorboat? Then it may be that a boat insurance is legally required. For example, this is often the case in countries around the Mediterranean Sea, such as Greece, Croatia, Italy and Spain. In these countries, you can prove your coverage with an international insurance certificate. You can request this certificate from your insurer or agent before you take your motorboat on holiday.

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Reason to insure your motor boat

Insuring your motorboat is not compulsory, but it is often wise. After all, the Dutch waters are getting busier and busier. Because of this, the chance of an accident is also increasing. Therefore it is wise to have at least a WA-boat insurance for your motorboat. With a WA-boat insurance the damage that you cause to others is covered. The repair costs for damage to a boat can sometimes be high. Not to mention personal injury. Moreover, third-party insurance does not have to cost a lot. You already have a third-party insurance for €60,- a year, depending on your boat and situation. Curious about what it costs to insure your motorboat? Calculate the premium directly.

If you also want to insure damage to your own motorboat, you can take out an all-risk boat insurance. Even damage caused by your own fault is then covered. So you can go on the water with an easy mind.

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Insuring your motorboat does not have to take long at all. You can already arrange a boat insurance in 10 minutes. It starts with comparing insurances. To do so, you enter a number of details about your boat in our online comparison tool. Next you get an overview of all insurers, including premiums and policy conditions. Did you find the best boat insurance? Then you can apply for it directly online. After you have concluded your insurance policy online, the application will be processed immediately. This way you can quickly be well insured for sailing with your boat.

Do you have any questions about boat insurance or would you prefer to consult one of our insurance specialists? Then please do not hesitate to contact us! You can reach us by telephone from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 18.00 at 030 - 688 37 00. Would you rather send us a message? No problem, you can do so via chat, WhatsApp or Messenger.

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