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Why compare insurance policies when insuring a sloop?

Are you the proud owner of a sloop? Then of course you want to enjoy it right away. In order to enjoy it without any worries, it is important that you take out a good boat insurance. In the unlikely event of damage to your boat, you know where you stand. Repair costs can often be considerable. You can decide which coverage you take out. Will you choose a basic third-party boat insurance, which covers damage to (boats of) others, or do you prefer more extensive insurance with an all-risk boat insurance? On Alpina.nl you can read all about insurance for your sloop.

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What factors play a role when comparing a sloop?

If you are planning to purchase a sloop, it is smart to think about exactly what your requirements are in advance. Will you go for a new sloop or will you opt for a second-hand one? Will you buy the boat from a dealer or through an individual?
When comparing a sloop, it is also important to determine what the maximum speed is. Without a license, you may sail a boat with a maximum attainable speed of 20 km per hour. Furthermore, it is important to determine the sailing area. Do you only want to sail on sheltered inland waters or do you want to make longer trips with the boat?

After you have found a boat that meets all your requirements, you can choose the insurance that best suits your boat. There are three types of coverage for this insurance, namely:


With a WA boat insurance your boat is insured for damage you cause to other boats. Do you accidentally sail into another boat and does that boat get damaged? With WA insurance the insurer will compensate you for this damage. Is your own boat damaged as well? Unfortunately, this is not compensated with only WA insurance. To get this damage compensated, you need the all-risk insurance.

WA limited casco

The WA limited casco coverage is also called a WA+ coverage. With this coverage you insure your sloop against damage caused by fire, self combustion, explosion, joyriding, storm and hail. Moreover, you are also insured for damage to the contents of your boat.

All-risk/WA full casco

The most complete form of coverage is the all-risk boat insurance. With this policy you are insured for damage to your own boat, even when you caused the damage yourself. Did you for instance crash into the quay while mooring the boat? Then an all-risk insurance covers the repair costs of your boat.

Boat insurance? Calculate your premium!

Compare boat insurance 100% independent

Alpina.nl is not an insurer but a comparison site. On our website you can compare different types of insurance, including boat insurance. We independently compare insurance on price and quality. Our goal is to get you insured for the best premium and conditions. We make insurance clear, easy and fast.

At Alpina, personal advice and service are very important to us. Insurance should be simple and clear. Do you have one time damage to your sloop? Then we strive to resolve this quickly and to your complete satisfaction.

Sloop insurance? Compare premiums through Alpina

Are you looking for good insurance for your sloop? On Alpina.nl you can easily compare and take out sloop insurance. After entering some information about your boat, you can use our online comparison tool to compare premiums from different insurers. You can also directly compare the corresponding policy conditions. Have you found the right insurance for your sloop? Then you can take out the insurance directly online.

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