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Does cheap moped insurance offer more limited coverage?

Are you looking for moped insurance for your moped or scooter? Of course you should compare several insurers, but do not draw any unjustified conclusions from the level of the premium. The cheapest moped insurance may offer the most comprehensive cover.

How is it possible that one insurer charges a few hundred euros more per year than another insurer for a similar moped insurance? You don't have to find out, because you won't find out anyway. In fact, it is usually inexplicable. Basically, all insurers offer the same moped insurance coverage. Parts of the cover may differ, but do not assume that the expensive insurer offers a broader moped insurance. The opposite may even be true.

What does moped insurance cost?

Which moped insurance do you choose?

Why choose third-party insurance when you can take out third-party + theft and fire, for example, for the same or even a lower premium? The differences between moped insurance policies are great, so take advantage of this. Choose the broadest coverage at the lowest premium. Does your moped have only a small value left? Then third-party insurance is the most logical choice. For new or young mopeds, choose the most comprehensive coverage.

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Why do the premiums differ so much?

The difference in premium between the various forms of insurance is easy to explain, though. The cheapest third-party insurance only pays for damage to others caused by liability. The most extensive third-party insurance + theft, fire and collision is obviously more expensive in terms of premium. In the event of a collision due to your own fault, you will be paid for your own damage and the insurer will also pay for theft and fire damage. The differences between insurers for the same form of insurance is more difficult to explain. Insurers often cannot explain the differences either. It is up to you whether you are going to take advantage of the premium differences.


Can one moped insurance policy be compared with another?

Choosing for example third-party liability + theft and fire insurance does not mean that all insurers offer exactly the same coverage. On Alpina.nl you can calculate the premiums and compare them. A big difference is the amount of the deductible. Some insurers do not charge a deductible and others, for example, €100. In the comparison we have also included the policy conditions. This allows you to pay attention to the details as well.

Do you already have an insurance that was taken out at least one year ago? You can cancel the insurance daily after the first year of insurance (a waiting period of up to one month may apply). You do not have to wait until the current contract expires. You only have this obligation during the first year of insurance.

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