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A building insurance fire cover: what about it?

Fire in your home is a terrible event. Of course, you hope it will never happen to you. However, in all cases it is important to be properly insured in case it does happen to you. If your entire home burns down, you will need quick replacement accommodation until your own home is restored. This involves a lot of expense. Building insurance with fire coverage is very useful in that context, among others. In this article from Alpina, you can read about the building insurance fire coverage and what you insure with this coverage.

Is building insurance with fire cover for the house obligatory?

It is not legally required to have fire coverage with your building insurance, but it is wise to take out this package. A building insurance covers damage to your house. All immovable goods (goods that are connected to the ground) are covered by this insurance.

The fire cover is part of the building insurance. Most insurers compensate not only for damage caused by the fire itself, but also for extinguishing and water damage after the fire has been extinguished. Soot damage is also usually covered by your insurer. It is advisable to first check the insurer's policy conditions to find out exactly what is covered by your insurer.

What if the neighbour's fire has spread to your home?

In the event of a spreading fire, you can recover the damage from your insurer. In this case, it is important to fill in and send an accurately described claim form. If it is necessary afterwards, your insurer will recover the damage from the insurer of the neighbours where the fire originated.

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