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Why take out a building insurance for a chalet?

If you have a chalet, you naturally want to insure it properly against damage. That is why you can take out a building insurance for your chalet. With a building insurance your chalet is insured in case of damage, such as fire or storm. This ensures that you can enjoy your chalet again as soon as possible.

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Insuring your chalet for business or private use

When you take out buildings insurance, you indicate the type of property. For instance, you can choose from recreational home, mobile home or chalet. In some cases you have to take out a business property insurance for your chalet. This is necessary if, for example, your chalet was purchased within a private limited company, or if you let your chalet for more than 300 days per year. The number of days may differ per insurer. In most cases, however, you can insure your chalet privately, even if you let your chalet (occasionally). If you let the chalet, a number of conditions apply to a private home insurance. You are then only insured if you satisfy these conditions. The conditions may differ from one insurer to another. Therefore, always check in the policy conditions of your insurance to see which conditions you must comply with and which exclusions there are. With some insurers there is a separate cover for private hire that you can take out.

Take out buildings insurance? Calculate your premium!

Different covers for chalet building insurance

With the standard coverage of a building insurance you are insured for fire, burglary, vandalism and damage due to weather conditions, such as storm, hail and lightning. If you choose for an all-risk coverage, you are also insured for sudden, unforeseen events. This includes for example damage to your chalet caused by falling, bumping or colliding.

With building insurance, the amount of insurance depends on the type of dwelling. You can find this on your policy sheet. The insurer usually compensates the damage up to a maximum amount stated on your policy schedule. Even if it turns out that the amount on your policy sheet is lower than the value of your chalet.

Get property insurance for your chalet through Alpina

On Alpina.nl you can easily take out building insurance for your chalet. In our online comparison tool, you enter some personal details and information about your property. You will then receive an overview of all building insurance policies that meet your requirements, including an indication of the monthly premium.

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