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thatched roof insurance

Building insurance for your thatched roof calculate and take out

A thatched roof gives a house a charming look but has an increased risk of fire. Fortunately, it is possible to take out buildings insurance that covers these risks.

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  • Fire damage
  • Break-in and vandalism
  • Damage due to adverse weather conditions
  • Damage caused by sudden unforeseen events


  • Fire damage
  • Break-in and vandalism
  • Damage due to adverse weather conditions
  • Damage caused by sudden unforeseen events

All about property insurance for a home with a thatched roof

A thatched roof gives a home a charming look and is becoming increasingly popular. However, there are risks associated with having a thatched roof. These risks are greater than if you have a tile roof. Consider the increased risk of fire, or the increased risk of storm damage. Fortunately, it is possible to purchase insurance for your home with a thatched roof that covers these risks. This insurance is called building insurance.

Why is thatched roof insurance important?

Insurance for your home with a thatched roof is important. The risk of extensive damage (by fire, for example) is much higher. A good building insurance can save you many thousands of euros.

It is always wise to take the aforementioned precautions when purchasing a well-covered insurance policy. This way, you can enjoy your charming roof without worrying about any risks.

The best property insurance for your thatched roof

What property insurance do you take out for your home with a thatched roof? It is always a good idea to weigh the terms and conditions of different insurers.

And beware: a low premium is not always the best choice. Especially with a thatched roof, the risk of extensive damage is high. A higher premium is inherent.

How much is the premium?

The premium depends on the insurance you take out. The insurer's requirements and the questionnaire you receive in advance also affect the amount of your premium. Beyond that, your place of residence, the value of your home with a thatched roof and your living situation affect the premium.

Take out your property insurance thatched roof through Alpina

Want to take out a roofing insurance thatched roof? Then you've come to the right place at Alpina. At Alpina, you always get the most complete insurance at the right price.

Do you have questions about taking out insurance? Then contact us or request a no-obligation quote.

What are the costs for a building insurance for a thatched roof?

The cost of insurance, like the premium, depends on various factors, as mentioned above.

However, there are several ways to reduce the cost of insurance, such as:

Have an approved fire extinguisher in your home

Properly maintain thatched roof, make sure storm and water damage is minimal

Connect fire detectors to the alarm system

Purchase home and contents insurance from one insurer

Also, the premium depends on the type of insurance you purchase. There are usually 4 types of coverage:

  • The fire cover;
  • The extended variety coverage;
  • The comprehensive risk coverage plus;
  • The all-risk cover.
Depending on the coverage you choose, you can expect different types of premiums. All-risk coverage is the most comprehensive coverage.

Frequently asked questions about thatched roof insurance

How to insure thatched roof

Insuring a thatched roof can sometimes cause problems. A thatched roof adds a lot of atmosphere to your home, but it also carries extra risk. That's why insurers are a bit more cautious when it comes to insuring a thatched roof. That doesn't mean you can't insure your home with a thatched roof! On Alpina.nl you can always take out property insurance. With our online comparison tool you can also compare different providers.

What are the costs of having thatched roof insured

The cost of a thatched roof insurance policy depends on a number of factors, such as the type of thatched roof you have, your place of residence and living situation. In addition, it depends on what coverage you choose for the building insurance. Based on these factors, the insurer will calculate the amount of the premium. The costs will be higher than if you have a house with a standard roof. There are a number of additional risks associated with a thatched roof.

Why more expensive?

Thatched roof insurance is more expensive as the risk for the insurer is higher. The chance of a fire is simply a lot bigger with a thatched roof than with, for instance, roof tiles. That is why insurers charge a higher premium for thatched roof insurance. The insurance rule is: the higher the risk, the higher the premium.

Thatched roof fire

A home with a thatched roof has a greater risk of fire than any other home, as thatch is more flammable than stone. However, that does not mean that a home with a thatched roof is a fire hazard. Thatchers have ways of making a thatched roof more fire-safe. Of course, it is always nice to be properly insured if a fire does occur unexpectedly. That's why you can take out buildings insurance with fire coverage.

Thatched roof leakage

Nowadays, storms are becoming more frequent in the Netherlands. They are often accompanied by very strong winds and a lot of precipitation. As a result, leakage from a thatched roof is becoming more common. Moreover, thatched roofs do not last as long as other types, which is why problems can arise after about 25 years. Fortunately, damage caused by flooding and bad weather is co-insured if you take out property insurance.

Thatched roof types

There are two types of thatched roofs: a traditional thatched roof and a closed thatched roof. The latter is also called a screw roof. In a traditional roof, the thatch is tied on what are called reed slats. With a closed roof or screw roof, the thatch comes on a dense substrate, such as insulation boards or plywood. Both types of thatch roof have advantages and disadvantages. A closed thatched roof is more fireproof and better insulated. When taking out a homeowners insurance policy, specify what type of thatched roof you have.

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