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Why is insuring a thatched roof important?

Do you own a home with a thatched roof? Then taking out a good insurance policy is very important. The risk of extensive damage, for example by fire or storm, is a lot higher than when you have a house with roof tiles. A good building insurance can save you thousands of euros in case of damage. Read all about insuring your thatched roof on

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Benefits of insuring a thatched roof

  • You are well insured in case of fire, storm and water damage (depending on the type of coverage you choose)
  • Insuring your thatched roof can save you many thousands of euros in the event of damage
  • With good thatch roof insurance, you can enjoy your charming roof without worrying about any risks.

Take out buildings insurance? Calculate your premium!

Risks of not insuring your thatched roof

A house with a thatched roof has a greater risk of fire than a house with tiles, for example. Thatch is more flammable than stone. A thatched roof is also more vulnerable to storms. Nowadays there are more and more storms in the Netherlands. They are often accompanied by very strong winds and a lot of precipitation. As a result, thatched roofs are increasingly prone to leakage. Moreover, thatched roofs do not last as long as other types, which is why problems may arise after about 25 years.

Imagine a fire breaking out in your home and a large part of the thatched roof going up in flames. In addition, part of the kitchen will be seriously damaged as a result. Without good thatch roof insurance, you will have to pay for these costs yourself. Not only does laying a new roof cost a lot of money, but also repairing the kitchen is not cheap. A good home insurance policy reduces the financial risk and ensures that you are properly insured against damage to the thatched roof.

Take out buildings insurance for your thatched roof

Do not take a risk and take out a good roofing insurance thatched roof immediately. On you can easily and quickly compare different providers of roofing insurance. After entering a number of details, you will receive an overview of all home insurance policies that meet your requirements. You can then compare them on price and content. Have you found the best home insurance? Then you can take out the insurance directly online.

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