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Are solar panels covered by the building insurance?

You have decided to get solar panels. You are conscious of the environment and, in the long term, your wallet. Now, solar panels are a substantial investment. So you want to be as well covered as possible if something happens to them. But under which insurance do solar panels actually fall?

Solar panels are covered by the building insurance, provided that they are nailed to the roof. It is possible that they are not nailed to flat roofs. In this case they are not part of your house and are therefore not covered by the building insurance.

Are the solar panels not nailed down? Then the solar panels are covered by your home contents insurance. Keep a close eye on this. There are different/restrictive conditions for this. This is because the solar panels are outside the house.

What are the conditions of a building insurance?

When insuring solar panels, there are a number of points to bear in mind.

Solar panel building insurance

What are you insured for?

Do your solar panels fall under your building insurance? Then you are in any case insured against hail, fire, theft, lightning strike and storm damage. This is the basic policy that you can take out with any insurer. Keep in mind that you always have to pay an excess of about € 200 in case of storm damage.

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Part of your home

Do you want to include your solar panels in your building insurance? Make sure that they are fixed to the ground and nails. This means that it must not be possible to take them with you. They must actually be attached to your house.


Have the value of your house rechecked. When you install solar panels, the value will go up. This means that you are underinsured with your old insurance. Make sure you take out a new insurance policy. In that case, the premium will usually be slightly higher.


Always check carefully which types of damage are covered by your insurer. Most insurers apply strict exceptions when reimbursing damage. Exceptions may include, for example, damage due to incorrect installation and costs resulting from malfunctions.

How can you best (co-)insure solar panels?

It is best to include solar panels in your home insurance. The added value of the solar panels is then added to the previously calculated value of your house. Always check the policy to see if product damage is included in the insurance. Product damage is the generated power that you lose when your solar panels are damaged. When this is included in the insurance, you do not have to pay for extra power costs yourself.

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