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Can I get car insurance if I have a criminal record?

Getting car insurance if you have a criminal record, is this possible? Why does an insurer actually look at a criminal record? These are questions that if you have a criminal record you must have wondered.
Car insurance with a criminal record is possible, but often the insurance premium is higher and there may be additional conditions. Why an insurer asks about your criminal record is because most insurers feel it says something about your credibility. Of course, your criminal record may also be related to your driving record, in such a case it is quite logical for an insurer to want to know if you have a criminal record.

Rejected by insurer for car insurance

It may be that an insurer refuses to insure you because you want to get car insurance with a criminal record. The criminal record is an obstacle. The insurer simply wants to minimise the risk of payment. You are required to disclose that you have a criminal record when you take out insurance, unless the criminal record is older than eight years. You do not have to say why you have the criminal record, however in certain cases, when it is a minor offence not related to your driving record, it can sometimes be to your advantage to do so. Has your insurance been refused? There are of course other insurers you can try to get insurance from. However, it will remain quite difficult to get car insurance from a regular company when you have a criminal record.

How does an insurer know my criminal record?

The insurer knows nothing about your criminal past, but you are obliged to answer questions about this past. If you do not do this, 'you conceal this', you will lose the right to payment and your insurance will stop as soon as the insurance company finds out that you have concealed the fact that you have taken out a car insurance policy when you are in possession of a criminal record. The chance of this happening is extremely small but it is something you should be aware of. If you do not tell anyone about your past, you are actually driving around uninsured, even though on paper you have insurance and you pay a premium. If it comes out (that you have a criminal past), this can quickly cause major problems.

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Car insurance for people with criminal records: de Vereende

The Vereende is the place to go for people dealing with "Special Claims and Risks. Having a criminal record is a special risk for the regular insurer and so you can turn to the Vereende for car insurance. Even if you have made many claims in a short period of time or have not paid your premium (on time), you can still take out insurance with the Vereende.
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What are the conditions for taking out a policy with De Vereende?

A condition of the Vereende is that you cannot get insurance elsewhere because of, for example: having caused many damages, having a criminal record or in case of failure to pay your premium. Another condition of the Vereende is that you pay the premium in advance. This is the Vereende's guarantee. If a payment is not made, they can stop your insurance. Also, it is (often) only possible to purchase insurance by using an intermediary. Alpina is an intermediary of the Vereende. Because of this you can take out insurance with us from the Vereende.

Can I never insure myself with a 'normal' insurer again?

You can certainly re-insure yourself with a 'normal' insurer. There is a chance that an insurer is willing to provide cover even if you want to take out car insurance with a criminal record. Of course you can also wait for eight years. After eight years you do not have to report your criminal record. In some cases, a criminal record expires after five years and you could therefore take out insurance with a regular insurer after five years. If the insurance company asks for your criminal history over a period of eight years and your criminal record expires after five years, you can apply for a CGC. Then you can apply for a VOG. This will state that there is no objection to refusing your insurance and perhaps the insurer will now want to insure you.

Is it possible to take out insurance in someone else's name?

Of course, you can choose to insure your car in the name of someone else. A parent, friend, partner or other family member. Is the insurance in the name of your partner or parents? If you still live with your parents, this risk is negligible and it is very difficult for an insurer to prove that you are the main driver. Of course it is a form of fraud. If the insurer does find out, for whatever reason, your insurance can be stopped. In extreme cases, for example after an accident, it can lead to prosecution for fraud and not having an insurance. It is therefore always better to take out insurance in your own name if you are the main driver of the vehicle.

Can I get car insurance from Alpina with a criminal record?

At Alpina, it is possible to take out De Vereende car insurance if you have a criminal record. Because the Vereende requires an intermediary, you can use Alpina for this. Alpina then acts as an intermediary and insures you through the Vereende. This way, you can easily and quickly get a car insurance even if you have a criminal record. In that case, please contact us. We can be reached Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 18:00 on telephone number 088-688 3700.

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